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ABC News: Gang Rape Victim Is Church-Going Honor Student

by on Oct.29, 2009, under Posts>Opinions>Society>Crimes

Gang Rape Victim Is Church-Going Honor Student

I think this is a warning to parents who try to bring their children up as good students. Human society is a lot closer to an animal society than a civil society that we try to create. Although we should try to create a civil society, we can not bring our children up to believe that our society is civil.

Some of the people that I have met during the cause of running my business are very arrogant, selfish, and abusive. I have the feeling of being insulted and abused all the time. People never have any respect for you just because you are educated. In fact, they want to abuse you more when they know that you are educated, just to prove that they do not have to be educated to beat you and that they do not have to respect you just because you are more educated.

I feel very sorry for the girl in this case. It could be because her case keeps reminding me of the people that I have to deal with in business. Some of the men that I have dealt with think of me as a prostitute, not because I have ever asked for money from them, but because I am poor. To them, the amount of money and power I have decides how much respect I deserve. Men and women alike think that I would do anything for a meal, although I have never asked anyone of them for a meal.

The guys in this rape case must have disrespected the girl so much to have done all of that to her. They just don’t have any idea what rights the girl have. They just did whatever they wanted to do to her simply because she was there without anyone to protect her. What a bunch of animals! And yes, these are the people we have to deal with all the time. They would do anything they can do to you as long as they do not see how they would be punished for it. They do it to satisfy their need, their greed, as well as their desire for a sense of superiority. And many of them never get caught. They are always around trying new tricks.

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