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My thoughts on the story of the arrest of professor Gates

by on Jul.23, 2009, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Civil Rights>Posts>Opinions>Society>Racism

I think Gates probably initially did not know the real reason police came to his home and thought they came because they did not think that a black man could be the owner of a house like his. It was a misunderstanding. You could say it is some kind of reverse profiling. White police tend to profile black men and so black men profile white police as people who would profile black men. It is as natural as blinking your eyes when something get close to your eyes.

I think this is a case of police abuse of power. They thought that they could do anything and we citizens just had to obey their orders. The professor may be over sensitive. But it is not new that people in the most famous universities can be racist. He was just reacting to a situation based on his perception of what our society is like. Right or wrong, all he did was just shouting out of anger. He did not commit any violence that made an arrest necessary.

Being angry is not a crime. So a person can not be arrested just for being angry. He can be arrested only if he takes any action or threatens to take any action that hurts others out of anger.

A lot of police like to enjoy the power they have by insisting on always having their way. Police are supposed to serve the people, not to use their power to serve their own ego. People’s interests should be above all.

Some people think that the police did the right thing by arresting Gates. I wonder if they think that citizens should be educated by the police on how to behave properly toward police. I think to the contrary, the police should be educated on how to treat citizens with respect. Police are getting paid to serve the interests of citizens, not to be their rulers who can just make demands.

Finally, a lot of people think that Obama blamed it on racism. That is not true. Obama did not say that the police officer was racist to have arrested Gates. He only said that the police was stupid to have arrested Gates. He acknowledged the existence of racism in our society, but did not try to blame racism on Gates’ arrest. These people seem to be worrying now that the President is black, they all have to suffer from Black’s reverse racism against White. They are thinking of race more than the President himself.

Why can we not just discuss whether or not we want our police to arrest people for things like this rather than whether or not the police is racist? It is regretful that an opportunity to discuss a civil rights issue has been wasted because of people’s obsession with race.

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  • Fourth of July

    My guess that Gates misunderstood the reason why the police came has turned out to be correct. Read it here: “Analysis: What they saw during the Gates arrest“.

  • Fourth of July

    Some people think that Obama is racist to have sided with the professor and disapproved of the policeman. But Obama did not accuse the policeman of being racist. He just said that it was wrong to make the arrest, which has been proven by the fact that the charges against the professor have been dropped.

    Just because a black president say a white policeman was wrong does not mean that the president is racist against White. People who accuse Obama of being racist are making the same mistake that the professor made by accusing the policeman of racism when he was asked for his identification in his home.

    Just because a person of a different race disapproves you does not mean that he is racist.

  • Fourth of July

    ABC News has reported that the cop is considering filing defamation lawsuit against the professor. I wonder if you can sue someone for saying that you are racist? Is there a precedent? Saying someone is racist is stating one’s opinion. Defamation is to state that something happened even though it did not. A judgement on whether or not someone is racist is always made subjectively. It is an opinion. Are people not allowed to express their opinions?

  • Fourth of July

    I think what has caused the arrest of the professor and continues to keep this story in the news is that the cop and all of those who support him have a hard time accepting the fact that it was a mistake. The cop could not bring himself to apologize after he realized that it was a mistake. And those who support the cop can not bring themselves to accept the fact that a white man has been proven to be on the wrong side versus a black man. To the cop and his supporters, it is just impossible for white men to make mistakes.

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