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Comments on “Killings by China anti-terror cops raise concerns”

by on Sep.08, 2014, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Terrorism

This AP article by Gillian Wong “Killings by China anti-terror cops raise concerns” discusses the issue of how terrorism in Xinjiang has been handled by the Chinese government and how it should be handled to reduce terrorism, an issue which I have been very concerned with, in a very educated and constructive way. But it has been met with hostilities from both Chinese and American readers.

To agree with the author, one needs to be rather educated in human rights. The world’s methods of fighting terrorism are still so primitive that terrorism is only getting worse and worse. This article is pointing out why China is failing in her fight against terrorism. Learn from it and China can see a better future.

From the comment section, you can see that some people did not like this article also for the reason that there are similar problems with how the US government treats ethnic minorities in the US and how the US government handles terrorism in the US and abroad. I want to point out that this article is discussing a problem in China. It does not discuss anything about similar problems in the US or problems with US anti-terrorism policies. There are plenty of other articles discussing issues in the US and issues with the US government’s policies. Nobody says that problems are limited to China. If every time a problem in some place in the world is discussed, we reject the discussion on the basis that there are similar problems elsewhere, nothing will ever change and no problem will ever be solved.

By the way, since there are lots of comments from White Americans living in China criticizing the article, I think I should also point out that White Americans living in China can not speak on behalf of ethnic minorities in China. Han Chinese, who are the majority in China, look up to White Americans while looking down on most Chinese ethnic minorities including Uighurs, probably because White Americans are considered as more wealthy and powerful. After all, White Americans can leave China if they feel uncomfortable living there.

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