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New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg is ridiculous

by on Jan.09, 2010, under Posts>Opinions>Society>Crimes

Commenting on the recent Newark airport incident, New Jersey Senator¬†Frank Lautenberg said “It wasn’t some prank that didn’t do any harm – it did a lot of harm because it sent out an alert that people can get away with something like this”.

So is it a good thing or a bad thing that this vulnerability in airport security has been made known to the public?

Whenever a problem is disclosed, it is not the person who makes the problem known who is at fault. It is those who allow such a problem to exist who are at fault.

A problem is itself a problem. It is not created by someone who makes it known to the public. We should be thankful that it is made known to the public and thus will be fixed.

Imagine that it was someone else who got through security that way and blew up a plane, will we even get a chance to fine him and scream at him?

Anyway, the guy in this incident could not have been able to bypass security if he had needed to board a plane. He would have had to go through security like others who had to do it twice. So what are we to worry about? It only send people who may want to copy it a message that they won’t be able to bypass airport security and will be caught later on. Isn’t it a good thing?

I guess the senator is worrying that there will be more work for people in charge of airport security. But they should have worked harder to prevent this from happening anyway. Just because nobody knew about a problem does not mean that it did not exist.

Below is a comment posted on that I think expresses the same view that I have.

“The airport’s intent is to prevent the destruction of the airport and the loss of countless lives, and they erect a cloth tape barrier manned by a single officer who may or may not be at his post, with a broken CCTV system that is not even watched in real time. A customer sees this “security” setup, which is similar to CROWD CONTROL at the local cine-plex theater, and knowingly goes around it to be with a loved one. He didn’t understand that the airport put the tape there to stop the total destruction of that facility.¬†So don’t punish him as if he meant to destroy the airport. He didn’t.”

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