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Racism at Columbia University

by on Oct.10, 2007, under Posts>Opinions>Society>Racism

News of hangman’s noose found on the door of a Columbia University faculty member’s office brought back my memory of my study at Columbia University’s American Language Program nearly nine years ago. Two things remained in my memory all these years. One is the unhappy facial expression of a faculty member of the program after I wrote a little article expressing my desire to do something to contribute to the advancement of human society. It was for a writing exercise. I wrote that I felt ashamed that we Asians had not contributed much to the advancement of human society in the past few hundred years, and that I wanted to do something to make contributions to human society. I am not sure what the teacher thought. She never said anything. But she certainly did not show any approval or encouragement. The reason why I never forgot was that I sensed unhappiness and scorn from her facial expression. I might have been too sensitive. I don’t know.

Another thing I never forgot was the movie “Roxanne” that we were asked to watch. It was a funny movie. But there was a scene in which an Asian man was insulted for one of his facial features. Although insults are common in comedy, I still don’t like it. Insults can not be accepted easily, especially for something you were born with.

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