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New Shopping Experience For Parents & Tykes Opens Its Doors In Bustling TriBeCa…

by on Dec.11, 2007, under Businesses>Retail>Fashion>Kids' Fashion

NEW YORK, August 20, 2007 — With the inspiration that “Simplicity is Best” ZABA was born. Two young striving sisters, Ania and Gosia, embarked on a journey that would bring their ideas of what a children’s boutique should be to life. With years of experience in fashion, both in Merchandising and Public Relations, Ania grew to learn things that she would be able to utilize in her own boutique: Lasting impressions, quality, excellence, and service. A young mother with high standards, Gosia knew she had something to offer. First hand experience dealing with the labor intensive task of shopping for her little tyke, Gosia became an expert on what she considered to be quality in children’s wear.

Creating a boutique that is unpretentious was the goal that Ania and Gosia were determined to achieve. With a child friendly design layout and clutter free principles in merchandising ZABA was intended to be a place for kids to enjoy as much as their parents. Shopping will bring joy to all, something that these sisters found lacking.

What sets ZABA apart from other children’s boutiques is the level of craftsmanship and artistry that its brands attain. You will find brands whose lines tell a story, one that is youthful and entertaining even to the most fickle of customers our young fashionistas. Tapping into a growing market that is Organics, ZABA will be featuring designs that stay true to their concept of simplicity. Trying to satisfy the needs of all customers, ZABA will also feature a selection of gift items for every occasion. From bedding to accessories this will be a one shop stop, something any mother can appreciate.

ZABA will feature the following brands: Fig, Bholu, Safiras, Viva la Pepa, Essentiel, Gold, 148 Bingo, and Bluebird.

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Filene’s Basement

by on Nov.14, 2007, under Businesses>Retail>Fashion>Designer Discount

Filene’s Basement is a retail and online off-price store chain offering brand name and designer fashion for men and women, decorative home goods and fine jewelry.

Compared to Daffy’s, Filene’s Basement offers more classy fashion products, that is fashion products of better taste, as well as products of better quality. And some of their products are really cheap. They just do not have as many store locations.

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by on Nov.05, 2007, under Businesses>Retail>Fashion>Designer Discount

Daffy’s is a discount designer fashion store chain. They have stores all over Manhattan and New Jersey, and some parts of Brooklyn and Queens. They carry good quality products at relatively better prices than regular fashion department stores.

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Jack’s 99

by on Aug.31, 2007, under Businesses>Retail>Discount Stores>99 Cents Stores

Most New Yorkers know Jack’s 99. It is famous for a reason. They simply have such a wide range of products sold at 99 cents. Most of the time, their stuff are good. Though they are just 99 cents, they can last a long time. You won’t feel much of a pain financially to furnish a new home or office with stuff from this store. Also, they sell a lot of food. You can live with the food from this store alone for months (just make sure to buy as little food with preservatives, which is everywhere in this store, as possible). And, occasionally, you can even get some real flower plants from there.

The things I bought from this store that I love the most are 100% cotton tank tops. They are stylish and good for the summer. And yes, they are just 99 cents each.

The store is located at 110 West 32nd Street, between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue. It opens from 7:30 am to 7:45 pm Monday through Friday, and from 10:00 am to 6:45 pm Saturday and Sunday. Their phone number is 212-268-9962.

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make10 Shoes Stores

by on Jul.25, 2007, under Businesses>Retail>Fashion>Shoes

make10 Shoes Stores carry name brand women’s shoes, men’s shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes, athletic shoes, boots, etc. There are four store locations in four of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan. For more information, please check out

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