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What Harvey Weistein reminds us of Hillary Clinton?

by on Nov.05, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Ethics>Posts>Opinions>Politics>Presidential Campaigns

Harvey Weinstein always reminds me of Hillary Clinton and the like. These are people who just know how to play the game to stay at the top. And common people just put up with everything they did in the hope that these people will protect them or fight for their rights. Why can’t people realize that if these people abuse them, there is no way they will really protect them or fight for their rights? People who support Hillary Clinton to the end are really unwise! This tendency of the common people is what makes politics in the developing world almost always fails, and what makes Democrats in America fail.

“In the world of the wealthy, liberalism is something you do to offset your rapacious behavior in other spheres. It’s no coincidence that, in Weinstein’s desperate first response to the accusations against him, he thought to promise war against the National Rifle Association and to support scholarships for women.” – from “What Harvey Weinstein tells us about the liberal world“.

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