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Black lives ALSO matter vs. ONLY Black lives matter

by on Aug.26, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Society>Racism

I guess one of the reasons why there is a conflict over “Black lives matter” is that different people understand “Black lives matter” differently. Those who champion “Black lives matter” want to stress that Black lives ALSO matter. Those who stress that “All lives matter” think “Black lives matter” means “ONLY Black lives matter”.

When people feel that they are being oppressed, they try hard to assert their rights. If two groups of people both feel that they are being oppressed by the other group of people, they both fight against the other group. That is how two groups get into a fight.

To stop two groups from fighting, politicians and the media need to stop making their group feel that the other group is trying to oppress them or that the other group is the problem, that they need politicians and the media to help them fight the other group. Tension between two groups keeps increasing because politicians and the media want the people to feel that they need politicians and the media to fight against the other group on their behalf. Steve Bannon was one such politician when he was serving in the Trump administration. Trump is less so, but still a rather polarizing politician.

By the way, I don’t think Obama was the one who increased tension between Black and White Americans. Some in the media were.


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