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Would it be better if the Russians had helped Hillary Clinton instead?

by on Jul.13, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Presidential Campaigns

To be honest, I hope that Trump is out of the White House sooner rather than later because of his stance on immigration and many other issues. But I wonder why people are having problems with information concerning a presidential candidate being exposed by the Russians rather than by Americans. If the information was important to American voters and it was not fake or distorted, did it matter who revealed it?

If the Russians did have information damaging to a presidential candidate that American voters should be given, should they have withheld it from the American public to help that candidate?

By the way, if the Russians did have information concerning Hillary Clinton, I think they would have sent it to Wikileaks or some news outlets or published it in their own news media rather than giving it to the Trump campaign. What was to gain by the Russians to give it to the Trump campaign? I feel that the meeting arranged for Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer was a setup rather than a real operation initiated by the Russian government. I think the Russians are good spies and would not do anything as stupid as that. Also, if it was indeed a setup, that would explain why the emails between Donald Trump Jr. and the Russian lawyer had been obtained by the American media before Donald Trump Jr. made them public. The Russians would not have revealed the emails themselves if they did in fact try to set up a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. given that fact that they are not admitting that they had tried to help the Trump campaign.

I hope that the Trump opposition, if such thing does exist, can come up with better ways to defeat Trump rather than clinging to this Russian collusion theory that will go nowhere.

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