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The election results show the elite were delusional

by on Nov.10, 2016, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Presidential Campaigns

The elite had tried hard to convince the American public that all was well. In the end, the elite were the ones who were fooled by their own lies. A large part of the American population did not get fooled. The fact is it is hard to fool people on whether or not things are going well for them.

Maybe for the elite, the election was just about culture. But for many people, it was about the economy, as it is told here: Why did Trump win? The economy, stupid.

With so many people supporting Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary, how can anyone expect Hillary Clinton to win? And yet, some people find the election results shocking!?!?!

To win the general election, the Democrats should have nominated someone who can draw support from Bernie Sanders supporters as well as Hillary Clinton supporters. Instead of doing that, they tried hard to strong arm Bernie Sanders supporters into supporting Hillary Clinton. Chuck Todd has got it right on this: Chuck Todd explains how Donald Trump won the presidency.

By the way, the Trump campaign was not easy given all the oppositions from the elite, but succeeded thanks to Trump’s ability to self-finance part of the campaign, the support from his family members who were all good and capable people, the support from the Republican Party leadership, and the support from the general population.

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