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Who is Donald Trump?

by on Oct.01, 2016, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Presidential Campaigns

I am totally against racism. So I am not supporting Donald Trump’s campaign. But I find myself wanting to defend him again and again, because I just want to be fair to him, as I want to be fair to everyone.

Trying to avoid paying taxes and openly admitting to doing it is probably the most politically incorrect things to do of all. But for Americans who are struggling like Trump and who are against government’s overspending (for some, it is overspending on social programs, for others, it is overspending on wars), this is the right thing to do.

Trump may be running a huge business empire. But his company is not publicly traded and may not be profitable. His company’s losses are not shouldered by the public. So he does not have the luxury to be generous.

Trump is someone with a lot of capabilities, as we can see from his ability to run many businesses. But he is struggling, whether he is admitting it or not. This profile is shared by a lot of Americans. This is the reason why there is a Trump campaign, and it is giving the Clinton campaign a serious challenge. If the Clinton campaign wins, a lot of Americans lose.

By the way, I have an explanation for Trump’s tendency to switch subjects and interrupt others. I think it is because his mind works very fast, much faster than an average person. Of course, being impolite is also a reason for him to interrupt others.

As to whether Trump’s failure in his businesses means he will fail in running a government as well, I can tell you this: running a business and running a government is totally different, unless you think profiting from a public office (like Hillary Clinton did) is desirable. Running a business is to bring fortunes to oneself, while running a government is to bring fortunes to others. Bringing fortunes to oneself and bringing fortunes to others require different skills and mindsets.

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  • Fourth of July

    I think Trump has been struggling because he has filed for bankruptcy many times, not because he made that declaration of huge losses in his tax return.

  • Fourth of July

    I also would like to say something about Trump’s declaring huge losses in one of his tax returns a few decades ago, and his denouncing of people not paying taxes. People do not pay taxes for different reasons. For real estate investments to be profitable, it takes a long time. So you have to take losses in the beginning and can not pay taxes for many years. This is different from avoiding paying taxes when you are actually making money. I started a business and filed tax returns for it before. So I understand business tax returns a little better.

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