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Using volunteers is the way to get money out of politics

by on Sep.03, 2016, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Presidential Campaigns

I do not understand why some people have a problem with the Trump campaign being able to find people to work for it for free. It is fine for people to do all sorts of volunteer and outreach activities supporting any campaign. So why is it a problem for people to work for any campaign for free?

In fact, if we do not want people with money to have more say in politics, all campaigns must use only volunteers.

Campaigns should not be judged by the amount of money they are able to raise. If they can be judged by anything, the number of people who are willing to volunteer is a good one.

The reason why an administration can be corrupted is that a candidate needs money to run a campaign, which include money to pay campaign staff.

The more grassroots a campaign is, the more it is going to rely on volunteers. The more volunteers a campaign can recruit, the more grassroots it is. So it is a good thing that the Trump campaign is able to find people to work for it for free. I would challenge the Clinton campaign to do the same.

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