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Is it possible for China and an ASEAN country to settle a dispute among themselves?

by on Jun.20, 2014, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>World Affairs>China>Posts>Opinions>Politics>World Affairs

A lot has been said about China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi’s trip to Hanoi. While it is good that they have at least met and talked, one day of talk is not going to get a dispute that has been around for so long settled. At the most, what they were able to accomplish was to make their accusations right in front of each other, not in the absence of each other. However, I guess that is where it has to start.

I am not sure if they will really be able to settle their disputes among themselves though. China has always had a strong sense of superiority and entitlement over Vietnam. With that, it is hard for China to go into a negotiation with the right attitude. So I doubt it that any dispute will ever be settled among themselves.

For China and any ASEAN country to settle any dispute among themselves, China needs to see the settling of disputes as opportunities to build relationships that will benefit both countries, not as opportunities to get rid of problems for China and get what China want. If everything China does is only aiming at benefiting China, very soon, the world will run out of things for China to grab. You have to grow vegetables to have vegetables to harvest.

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