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Not everything can be bought

by on Jun.16, 2014, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>World Affairs>China>Posts>Opinions>Politics>World Affairs

A common mistake lots of people make is that they think they can pay for everything, including security and obedience. That was why the US had the confidence to have started so many wars. We have seen how the huge amount of money the US has spent on the wars, including the “war on terror”, has not brought the security and obedience that the US has desired.

Now the Chinese are making a similar mistake in the dispute with Vietnam in the South China Sea. They think that they can buy everything, even sovereignty. They have been stubbornly hoping against hope that Vietnam will cede her territory as long as she gets a share of the profits from oil drilling, and have been making their obsession with this idea known through the media and postings on various Internet forums.

China may just see oil in the part of the sea being in dispute with Vietnam. But Vietnam may see fish in there. And, while oil can be depleted, fishing is forever. To China and Vietnam, that part of the sea simply means different things. If you see something as your livelihood, it is hard to let go of it. It is hard to measure it in terms of money.

What also makes it difficult for China to pay for some of the islands being in dispute with Vietnam is that China got some of those islands by killing scores of Vietnamese (over 100 of them in total). Although people now have insurances to pay for their death, it is still quite hard to measure anybody’s life in terms of money. In the meantime, death has the power to galvanize people like nothing else. No amount of money can make people forget about it.

By the way, sometimes I wonder if the Chinese really think that they can buy sovereignty or they just want to shame the Vietnamese into dropping some of their claims in the South China Sea altogether. That is another false hope by the Chinese. Since Vietnam did not press their claims just to get a share of the profits from oil drilling, there is no way China can shame Vietnam into dropping the claims. You can not force a shame onto someone else. Shame can only result from an action that has been taken by oneself. Vietnam has never asked for a share of the profits from oil drilling. How can anyone be ashamed of something that she has never done?

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