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How far is China behind in terms of civility?

by on Jun.15, 2014, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>World Affairs>China>Posts>Opinions>Ethics>Human Decency

You can say that the Chinese are now just imitating what Westerners did at the first half of the last century. Look at the image below of a sign in front of a restaurant in Beijing, the capital of China. By the way, does it want to remind people of what kind of insult the Chinese receive in their own country in the first half of the last century? Do these Chinese think that the insult the Chinese received back then was acceptable?

I guess money can not buy decency or civility or intelligence, just as money can not buy happiness.

What should be noted is that this kind of uncivilized behavior is actually the result of the use of derogative language by the Chinese government when criticizing Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam. In China, there seem to be little distinction between official diplomatic language and Internet chat room language. If government officials, who dominate the air waves and the Internet news, can not lead in civility, who can?


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