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What does it mean when politics finds its way into religions?

by on Mar.27, 2008, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Presidential Campaigns>Posts>Opinions>Religions>Posts>Opinions>Politics>Terrorism

When people’s wills can not be reflected in a political system, politics often finds its way into religions. That is why we have Christian churches and Islamic mosques getting criticised for planting hate in people.

In fact, it is not that churches and mosques turn people radical. It is the other way around. People who can not get their voices heard in a political system often turn to religions. That is what turns churches and mosques political.

So when we see a religious entity turning political, we should try to find out if the people who attend that religious entity have some grievances that are not being addressed in their political system.

From this, I see an important reason to elect Obama. The fact that Black churches in America are radical should tell us that Blacks in America are not well represented in the American political system. Since Obama and Blacks have a very good relationship, as shown in the primary thus far, he can represent them well. As long as he can also represent Whites and other ethnic groups well, he will do a good job bringing Blacks into the political process and deradicalizing Black churches. Thwarting their wills will make them even more radical.

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