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Rev. Wright should be a politician rather than a pastor, and why Obama’s race speech is great

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The role of religion should be to help people find faults in themselves so they will not get themselves into troubles because of their weaknesses. It should be the opposite of the role of politics, which is to help people fight for their rights assuming that they do not deserve what they have got. In short, religions are to help find faults in oneself, while politics is to help find faults in others.

On the race issues, Rev. Wright is clearly playing the role of a politician, not that of a pastor.

Many “religious leaders” make this mistake. That is why religions have been blamed for many conflicts in the world.

Religions can be a force for peace only if they are practiced properly, which is to emphasize the existence of weaknesses in people and help them overcome their weaknesses. Only when people realize that they share the blames in their problems can they help solve their problems. And only when all people recognize their contributions to a problem can a problem be solved. This is why Obama’s speech on race is historic. No any other politician has been able to see both sides of the race issue.

Politics aims to force parties to accept responsibilities. It often has to be backed by force. This is why we have wars. If religions can play a bigger role in solving conflicts, there will be more peace and less wars.

By the way, Rev. Wright’s opinion on terrorism is a self-reflection on our part and should not be attacked. However, though he helps the public understand the cause of terrorism, his message can be misinterpreted as an endorsement for terrorism. So it should have been delivered in a more meditative environment than in a passionate sermon.

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