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About the Jimmy Kimmel Live show’s “Kill everyone in China” controversy

by on Nov.11, 2013, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>World Affairs>China>Posts>Opinions>Ethics>Human Decency

I quite honestly thanks this show for showing to the world how much disrespect and hatred Americans have for China. Kids are just telling what adults have told them and have not publicly said for fear of political incorrectness. I don’t think it is important to stop people from saying what they think. I think it is more important to help people gain more knowledge about China and the problems America is facing and whether those have anything to do with China. It is better to let this kid start a debate. You can not let American politicians keep blaming China for American problems and expect Americans not to hate China.

For China’s part, it is also important to examine if China has really intentionally done anything to serve China’s interests at the expense of American interests. If not, China should better try to explain why China has continued doing what has been bothering Americans.

Another issue is the lack of ethics education. For some people killing is the way to get rid of a problem. And as long as they feel some people do not deserve much respect or are not powerful enough to defend themselves, those people can be killed. How many people have been killed because of this?

A comment on this article on Yahoo! News: Protesters Pound ABC Studios, Call For Jimmy Kimmel’s Firing

I find it very obvious that ABC and Jimmy Kimmel made the wrong choice and deserves the backlash. But most of the people who have commented on this article do not. It seems as though when it comes to talking about the Chinese, anything is fine with them. But I wonder how can one ask if someone deserves to live just because he has lent you money and will ask for the money back one day? Is there no line that can not be crossed when it comes to protect your interests?

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