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The Murder of Meredith Kercher

by on Nov.16, 2007, under Posts>Opinions>Society>Crimes>Posts>Opinions>Society>Racism

It is reported in the British press that Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher “were on bad terms”, and “had argued over domestic matters”. From my experience with another American girl, interestingly enough, also called Amanda, I guess the American girl in this case could have been jealous of the British girl for her British accent. Some American girls, like some Americans, and some Chinese, and maybe some other people anywhere in the world, think that they are the best and can easily get jealous of others over any tiny bit of advantage others may have in a competition. And some white Americans can be very vicious toward the people who they hate. I can tell from my experience with the Amanda that I know. She lied to me to win my trust. Then she made fun of me for having trusted her. She enjoyed tormenting me mentally and emotionally. Good thing I moved out of the office we shared soon after she started working there, and I never saw her again.

The Amanda I know is similar to that Amanda in many ways. Like that Amanda, she was intelligent, but disrespectful of others, and shameless in her dealing with men. She also went to a very good university – one of the most famous private universities in New York City (NYU), also majored in theater. And she also openly had a relationship with a white guy and secretly had a relationship with a black guy. Behind their back, she did not give the guys a dam. But she would have sex with them in the office and boast about it, as if it could boost her self-esteem. To her, getting the guys, no matter what kind of guys, to have sex with her could have made her feel like a winner. She could have subconsciously felt not very good about herself in some way. She was intelligent, tall and blond. That must have made her feel deserving to be at the top of the game. But she had a large waistline, which could have made her jealous of anyone with a nice body shape.

One disadvantage in growing up in a country with a short history like America is that one does not receive a lot of education in morality. All the children learn is how to compete, as if human beings are only competing against each other, not working together. There is no old stories that nurture positive characters such as kindness and mutual respect in children, which may help them get along with each other and become better members of a society.

I do not mean to say that the crime rate among Americans is higher. I have not done research on this to be able to tell whether it is higher. There are other factors that affect crime rates. Most people inherently have conscience that guides them. That is why education is not the only factor.

Also, I suspect there is the element of hate crime in this crime. I am not looking at every issue from a race perspective. I am making this judgement based on my own experience with white people. One reason for this kind of suspicion to come to my mind is that the victim does not have the look of a white person but the look of a Hispanic person. Some white people think that it is easier to get away with when they hurt a non-white or anyone who they deem to be less protected by the society such as a gay person. A lot of hate crimes were committed not out of hate but out of disrespect for the victims. And that disrespect for certain people is the result of social prejudice.

Another reason for me to suspect this crime of a hate crime element is that Amanda is trying to shift the blame to a non-white. She could be thinking that people will believe her more than believing him. She might have never been taught by anyone on this. She might just have a subconscious perception of this. I have had the experience of being falsely accused by a white American woman who shifted the blame on me so that she could get away with her crime. So I can imagine the same thing is happening here. It is very hard for anyone who has never been through a similar situation to imagine that there could be any people in this world mean enough to commit a crime and then shift the blame to someone else, especially one who has been their friend, just so that they can get away with the crime they have committed. I know why it happened to me. So I can understand why it could have happened to the Congolese man. It happened to me because I did not do all of the woman’s bidding, for it was against my conscience, although not against hers. That could have, in the woman’s mind, been viewed as a betrayal of her, and thus could have in her mind justified her betrayal of me. Interestingly enough, this woman had also at one time worked for me and had been quickly let go by me, just like that Amanda had worked for the Congolese man and also had been quickly let go by him.

Jealousy, viciousness, cruelty, cowardness, and meanness are present in all people, not just white ones. But because white people in general have much higher vitality than other people, these negative characters are manifested more strongly in white people, just as positive characters such as generosity, kindness, humanitarianism, etc., are also manifested more strongly in white people. The difference between white and non-white is like the difference between men and women. Men in general have higher vitality and can do more good as well as more harm than women.

By the way, I found it inaccurate and damaging to the victim’s reputation when it is reported that she was killed in a sex game. Saying she was killed in a sex game implies the victim’s participation in the game and thus diminishes sympathy for the victim.

This story is run daily all over British media. I wonder why there is so much less coverage of this story in American media. USA Today has only run this story once in the past six days. There is an American involved and her case could be showing the dark side of Americans, but American media does not care as much as British media. Is it because it is more important when one’s right is at stake than when one’s reputation is at stake?

meredith.jpg My tribute for Meredith Kercher: From every picture of Meredith, I see a very innocent girl who could have been loved by many. It makes me cry to think of such a sweet young woman being taken away from us, especially for such evil intentions. I only find comfort in being able to see her in pictures, which we can keep with us forever.

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  • Fourth of July

    I recently had a co-worker who was also just over 20 years old whose anger toward me was so constant and intense that I lost sleep many nights and had to quit the job. She is a brunette. Only her mother is blond. She got angry easily, probably as soon as she felt her authority being challenged, which probably made her feel her security being threatened. She had a very keen sense of when she was not in control. From her, I saw how angry a 20-year-old can be and do not doubt that someone likes her may commit such a horrible crime.

  • Fourth of July

    I think Knox may deserve to be freed, not because she is innocent, but because she has been able to make the Italian investigators a laughingstock. She was able to fool them into believing her false accusation of an innocent person. And they are still using the same method and following the same logic to try to make an accusation against her. What credibility can they still give to their conclusion of their investigation?

    It is sad that justice can not prevail because people are not smart enough. We probably can only count on people’s conscience, which they may or may not have.

  • Fourth of July

    The Italian judges can not figure out the motive for the murder. So I would like to offer my opinion here. It was to cover up all the abuses the perpetrators had committed on the victim for money, sex, revenge, and their indulgence in a sense of power. Why did they abuse the victim? Because the victim was all alone and so was an easy prey. There was no anybody in the building to witness the crime. So they were confident that people would not be able to find out what had happened. Criminals who have no any feeling for their victims would do whatever to the victims as long as they are sure that they will be able to get away with their crimes. It can be considered one kind of crime of opportunity.

  • Fourth of July

    It has been reported in the news that Ms. Knox broke down when asked by the judge how she knew that Meredith’s body was found next to the wardrobe without being let in to see the crime scene. From this report, besides seeing the fact that Ms. Knox had knowledge of the crime scene as one of the most incriminating evidence against her, I also see the fact that she cried hysterically when asked about her knowledge of the crime scene reveals why she could have committed the crime. She must have been feeling extremely humiliated by Meredith. People often cry out of a sense of humiliation, a sense of undeserving of the kind of treatment that they have got.

    Some people look so down on some others (most of the time, as a result of personal or social prejudice) that, when they feel those others are not submissive to them enough, they feel humiliated and they would do whatever to balance themselves psychologically, which often involves violence or some sort of torment physically, mentally, or emotionally.

  • Fourth of July

    I find it so disgusting every time Knox said that she liked Meredith. It is very much for the same reason that Guede said Meredith invited him to come to her apartment to have sex with him. And these must have been the reasons why they killed Meredith. They were worried that she would tell people otherwise. Every time Knox gets a chance to spin, I feel like being poked in the eyes. I don’t understand why such disgusting people exist.

    By the way, I have found that web sites of major British media companies such as Times and BBC do not allow all comments either. I don’t understand why they are willing to squander their limited resources on the filtering of comments to make their web sites less attractive to certain people.

  • Fourth of July

    I wonder why an Italian judge said that Ms. Knox has multiple personalities. I only see one thing in her: selfishness. All of her actions were driven by her selfishness – her sole concern for her own interests, nothing else.

    I think this is consistent with the personality of some Americans also. They don’t care whether Ms. Knox is guilty or not. They are only worried that American reputation will be hurt if Ms. Knox is found guilty. So they are trying their best to get her out of this trouble.

    I think the problems in the personality represented by Ms. Knox is the result of the overemphasis in the American culture of individual desires. It is very shocking for me to discover that White Americans are often very proud of their desires, no matter how selfish or indecent those desires are. There is a total void of concern or respect for others in the American culture.

    What is worse is that people like Ms. Knox would seem to be nice to those like Meredith who they think are not as good, but are in fact very vicious toward them when they realize that they are potential competitors. I learned about them from my experience with the Amanda that I know.

  • Fourth of July

    I think Amanda has absolutely no conscience. The fact that she had fear and showed it sometimes does not mean that she has conscience. Her boyfriend may not have feelings such as fear, and does not show anything, but he may have felt guilty, judging from his sad look. Amanda has never had a sad look. She is only fearful of having to take responsibility for her own actions. When Amanda cried in front of the judge, she was probably feeling sad for herself only, not for her victims. The first time she broke down, she made a false accusation against the Congolese man. So it was obvious that she was not crying out of remorse but out of fear. If she is freed, she will not be sad any more.

    However, judging from the fact that she is so obsessed with finding someone to shift the blame to, I guess she must have been feeling very guilty inside. So why a person who has no sense of guilt can be feeling guilty inside? This is because there are two different senses of guilt. One is to realize that you have hurt someone else and so feel sorry for having hurt that person. The other is to realize that you have done something bad that will bring you punishment and so feel fearful of getting punished for having done something bad. Amanda clearly feel the latter but not the former. She has never felt that she had hurt anyone. But she has been feeling very strongly that she had done something so bad that it can bring her severe punishment, which she has been trying her best to avoid.

    Also, when I said Sollecito is cold, I meant there was no emotion or feeling to interfere with his action plan. He just did what he thought he ought to do. He was steadfast in pursuing his goal. And he would do whatever to achieve it. However, he did seem to have a sense of shame. He did not look happy or proud in the video.

  • Fourth of July

    I feel that Ms. Knox’s aggression against Meredith is somewhat similar to the Bush administration’s aggression against Iraq. Both aggressors based their justification of their aggression against their victims on their own opinions of the victims. Both disregard the rule of laws.

    Honestly, some Americans are abusive on every level, individually (person to person), nationally (people to people, such as citizens against new immigrants), and internationally (country to country, such as US against Iraq). They have very little respect for the rights of certain people. I am not sure what make them think that some people do not deserve as much. The way they look at those who they disrespect is very much the same way White people in Southern states used to see Black people as deserving no more than being their slaves. I think they always disrespect people who have less power, and in the meantime always try their best to make sure that they won’t get more powerful. It is called oppression. It is a common phenomena in human societies.

    What is worse, some Americans like to indulge in power, just as they like to indulge in food and sex. They would look for ways to get an opportunity to feel a sense of power, even if it will bring their ultimate demise afterward. They don’t seem to understand that, not only they will loose rather than gain power by indulging in power, but also they will not be able to show their power by bullying small countries like Iraq or powerless people like illegal immigrants or defenseless individuals like Meredith.

    For those who wonder why I criticize America and Americans so much, I have this to say. I think real patriotism is to try to find out how to improve the country and the people, not to try to save face. It is a good thing others tell you what you can do to improve. There is no need to try to save your face. It is very bad not to admit there is something wrong. It is better to make an effort to correct what is wrong.

    There are a lot for Americans to reflect upon after such a terrible tragedy happened. Empires fall because they corrupt. If you don’t mind America going down, I can not force you to mind it. But if you do care to keep America as the greatest nation in the world, trying to save your face is not the way to achieve that goal.

    By the way, a blogger has pointed out the different portrayals of Ms. Knox in British media and on ABC News. I think she is right on this one. I can not believe such a big news organization as ABC News would so blatantly distort news by selectively present only the facts that favor one point of view. And you know what, they had at one point quickly deleted all of my comments and would not explain to me why they deleted my comments. It is bad enough we don’t have free press, it is worse we don’t have free speech either.

  • Fourth of July

    People seem to think that sex and drug played a roll in the murder. But there was never any sex or drug involved in any incidence in which I was abused. There was mostly just jealousy or conflict of interests.

    Do they want to say that Meredith would not have been killed had she not taken part in a sex game? Did she have a choice?

  • Fourth of July

    Some people think that Ms. Knox’ blue eyes have something to do with her negative characters. I do not see that connection. I see her negative characters are shared more among blond American girls.

  • Fourth of July

    I am worried that justice for Meredith will not be served because an Italian politician has visited Ms. Knox in prison. Is the US government putting pressure on the Italian government to go easy on Ms. Knox? Is that why she is feeling good now?

    Also, I think she is making use of her diplomatic skill to say that she would love to stay in the Italian town when she is released. She is probably good enough to serve as the Secretary of State for the United States.

    I am surprised that she could even come up with the courage to say that. Some blond White girls simply have the thickest skin you can ever find.

  • Fourth of July

    I think I should stress that I never said that all blond American women are bad. The old blond American women that I have met are all very nice. It could be because they were raised differently. And young women tend to be more jealous.

    But here is another bad experience I have had with a blond American woman. It was very similar to what the Congolese man had experienced with Ms. Knox. I had also hired this woman to help her out when she came to me to look for a job. I had also let her go because she was not able to do the job well. When she asked me to let her use my account to sell her merchandise over the Internet, I agreed to help her too. Then after she got the money, she did not send the merchandise to the customers, and then told the customers to ask me for the merchandise or ask me for a refund. She and her husband lived a very luxury life, trying to keep up with the wealthy. But they had no means of supporting their lifestyle.

    I think a lot of time, some White people who want a luxury lifestyle that they can not afford would go to non white and try to take advantage of them, thinking that it is easier to get what they want from them. And when they don’t get what they have wanted, they get mean.

  • Fourth of July

    I think Ms. Knox’s boyfriend, if he was indeed involved, is more cold and calculating than others. At least Ms. Knox had a few moments of true when she revealed her true feelings. That is to some degree how we got some clues that she was involved. We should give her credit for that.

    I guess Ms. Knox boyfriend must have at least helped cleaned up the house. Ms. Knox could not have been smart enough to have thought of cleaning up almost all of her fingerprints from her apartment and leaving all Rudy’s fingerprints there. It must have been her boyfriend’s idea and she must have got help from him to clean things up. That is also why there was his footprint.

    But he might have been more involved than that, judging from the fact that Ms. Knox wrote about seeing blood in his hands at dinner, and the fact that he seems to be willing to tell less than what he knows and be willing to cover up for Ms. Knox.

    By the way, I suspect that there was a deliberate attempt to put the blame soly on the Ivorian guy because almost all traces of other people have been cleaned up but his fingerprints and other thing were everywhere. Why did his fingerprints not get cleaned up like those of Ms. Knox?

  • Fourth of July

    I have experienced first hand what a young blond White American was like when she got angry. Her eyes popped up. Her face turned all red. She screamed straight at my face at the top of her lung with her head shaking. And she pushed me to the floor with all her strength. I was caught off-guard and landed on the floor so hard that my back broke. It took me years to heal.

    What happened was that we shared an office, and she kept talking directly to another girl in the next office, not over the phone. She could have gone to the other girl’s office to talk to her. So I complained.

    I think Ms. Knox could have flown into a rage when she was told not to come to work that evening. It may not be a coincidence that the tragic event happened after she was told by the bar owner that she did not have to work that evening.

  • Fourth of July

    I am a little worried that with a lot of parents busy looking for new romances or finding new partners for comfort, many children are not taken care of properly. A lot of people do not see settling down to raise their kids as important as finding excitement in their life or pursuing more fruitful relationships – relationships that can bring them more success or more fortune. So they keep looking at new opportunities even after they have had children, as if they can always have better children and the ones that have been born are not important.

    I think Americans’ attitude toward sex and family will ruin America. I am not religious. But I find it especially shocking that Americans consider sex as an entertainment rather than something that has a great deal to do with what kind of children they will have and how well they will be able to raise their children.

    This kind of attitude hurt a lot of people, and so hurt the whole race, because every time two people have sex, they will have less interest in other people. I think this is the factor that got Laci Peterson in California killed many years ago.

    By the way, I think the reason why many Americans have this attitude toward sex is that they are so eager to show that they win in a competition that they would have sex soon after they meet.

  • Fourth of July

    I have been wondering why Meredith’s cell phones were thrown away at some distance from her house, and why her door was locked and the key to the door was missing.

    A blogger has pointed out that it was to make sure that Meredith did not have a cell phone to call for help and could not open the door to get out. She was probably still alive when the perpetrators left the house.

    I think these actions amounted to premeditated murder. It does not matter how the series of event started. Since they did not try to save her when they had plenty of time to do it, their intent to kill her, whatever reason it could have been for, was clear.

  • Fourth of July

    I found it so obvious in this case that the clues as to what had happened can not be found in what have been claimed by the suspects, but can be found in what they have tried to make claims on.

    One. The newest suspect is stressing that he had consensual sex with the victim before she was killed. Since he has been lying from the beginning, initially claiming that he was not at the house that night, I don’t believe in what he has told the police. However, from the fact that he cared so much about whether or not the sex was consensual, I suspect that that was the reason why he killed her or had her killed.

    Two. The fact that Ms. Knox had at one point implicated herself in the case but has never mentioned this suspect makes me suspect that he was involved and knew that she was involved. She probably knew that if he was caught, he would tell the police of her involvement. So she never brought him to the attention of the police, and might have even instructed him to run away, and had framed someone else to give him the time to run away.

  • Fourth of July

    I have found it funny that ABC News used a picture of Knox and her boyfriend and the phrase “love triangle” in the headline of a report for this tragedy, as if it was a result of a love triangle among Knox and her boyfriend and Meredith. But it turns out that there may really be a love triangle here, just not around Amanda’s boyfriend, as suggested by ABC News, but around Meredith’s boyfriend. Amanda actually knew Meredith’s boyfriend even before Meredith got to know him.

    Judging from my experience with American girls of Amanda type, who want attention from every guy they meet, I guess this Amanda must have wanted attention from Meredith’s boyfriend.

    This kind of American girls, even the tall and blond ones, can be very insecure, and when feeling insecure, can be very controlling. The ones that I knew, when feeling insecure, would befriend me, as though by doing so, they could somehow get the guys they wanted from me, even though I was not dating any of the guys they were interested in.

  • Fourth of July

    I just saw the news about the anti-hate crime protest in Washington, DC, and came up with this thought. I think the best way to fight hate crime is to challenge the prejudices people have against you. The most direct way to challenge is to prevent people from being able to harm you, and to prove that they will not get away with their crimes easily.

    To prevent people from being able to harm you, you need to be vigilant. Don’t expect people to be always nice to you. Keep your distance with those who are not your closest friends. Avoid contact with those who are not friendly to you. One of the reasons why hate crimes are only committed against certain people may be that those people are not vigilant enough.

    I don’t blame Meredith for what happened to her. She must have trusted her flatmate like anyone else would, and just like I had trusted that Amanda and let her fool me. I was much older than Meredith at that time. Meredith was too young to have had enough of life experience to be skeptical of others.

    However, since this has happened, we should learn from it. If you have a roommate who does not flush the toilet, move out of that apartment. After all, how could you possibly be flushing toilet for someone else all the time? If you do not like the men your roommate bring to your apartment, don’t let them into your room. If they get too close to you, call the police right away.

    Not flushing toilet is a sign of disrespect for roommates. And disrespect for someone is the driving force for aggression against that person. So when your roommate does not flush the toilet, you can tell that he/she will give you more troubles than that.

    I think maybe the fact that Meredith let Knox get away with earlier aggressions against her had emboldened Knox to commit such a horrible crime. Knox might have enjoyed bullying Meredith because of her jealousy of Meredith. Knox probably needed a sense of power, which she had always had as an attractive woman from a decent family.

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