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Reactions to the Amanda Knox verdict

by on Dec.08, 2009, under Posts>Opinions>Society>Crimes

Knox’s supporters are waging a campaign to discredit the Italian judicial system, while some of those who are convinced that Knox is guilty can not stand the fact that Knox’s parents are trying so hard to get Knox off the hook.

I personally believe that Knox is guilty. But I can understand why her parents are doing what they are doing, although they look rather selfish if they know that their daughter is guilty. Some people commit crime and regret what they did. But they do not like to have to answer to people who they have not hurt. They believe that what they did should be judged by God and no one else. They are not proud of what they did. But they believe it is no one else’s business to judge them. It is a Christian’s believe that only those who never sin can cast the first stone. And since virtually no one can claim they never sin, no one can cast the first stone. So no one can judge others.

I personally do not think that punishing a person or even killing him or her can bring back anything. Meridith will not come back to life even if Knox is sentenced to death. And if Meridith had survived, she might not want to revenge so much. So looking for vengeance should not be our motive to keep Knox behind bar.

I think that Knox should serve her sentence for a different reason. It is to satisfy people’s desire for justice, which is different from the desire for vengeance. It is also to prevent people from coming up with the conclusion that they can commit a crime and can get away with it if they know how to wage a PR campaign and enlist the help of politicians.

By the way, isn’t it the greatest thing about the developed world that the judicial system is independent from the government and any other political system so that no political pressure can alter judicial outcomes? Why are they trying to enlist the help of politicians?

For those who doubt the fairness of the Italian judicial system, please study how Americans such as Scott Peterson got convicted here in the US. There have been so many cases that have been subjects of national debates over the years. If you are interested in how people can be convicted fairly, study those cases.

This murder case does not have a confession. But it is like some other murder cases here in the US that have got guilty verdicts without a confession. Of course, you can point out that not all murder cases without a confession got guilty verdicts. But that does not mean that no murder cases without a confession can get a guilty verdict.

Also, I wonder if some people are worried that Knox got convicted because of what the US government has been doing to people in other countries and people from other countries. They know that what the US government has been doing is not popular internationally. So they worry that Americans will have to pay a price for it.

I don’t think that people in other countries want American citizens to pay for what the US government has been doing. They probably know that Americans have as little control over what the US government does as they have over what their governments do.

Also, are some Americans worried that American image would be tainted if Knox is convicted? I don’t see how you can save American image by denying something others are so convinced of. To really improve American image, we need to make it clear to Americans that they can not expect to be acquitted of crimes they commit abroad and so don’t commit crimes while they are abroad. By trying to get them off the hook, we are not discouraging them from committing crimes while they are abroad. More crimes and more cover-ups will taint American image even further.

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