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What is unacceptable about Trump and Moore?

by on Dec.13, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Ethics

It’s not what they had done decades ago before their elections. It’s how they handled people’s accusations. It is possible that they did not remember some of the people that they might have unintentionally hurt. But to outright accuse people of lying is not right. They should learn from Senator Al Franken and say the right thing, which is to be sorry if they had hurt those people. Sexual harassment is not always intentional. But when you find out that you have harassed people unintentionally, you should apologize anyway. If an apology right before an election may jeopardize their chance of winning the election, so be it. There will always be a second chance, like what Trump thought of the Alabama election. Your reputation is important, because it is for life. You risk losing your reputation for one time win and you may not win and may lose for the rest of your life. As for the people who want to vote for them because of what they believe in, they can always vote for others who believe in the same thing. Nobody has a monopoly on any believe. For example, if Trump quits, there can still be Mike Pence, who may not be exactly the same, but may be close.

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Republicans also fail for the same reason

by on Nov.13, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Ethics>Posts>Opinions>Politics>Presidential Campaigns

Republicans fail the same way Democrats fail by supporting candidates like Donald Trump and Roy Moore (Roy Moore scandal: Senate victory would be toxic for religious right).

“If the allegations are true, it is appalling that Moore has held himself up as a defender of faith. Much like movie producer Harvey Weinstein sought to insulate himself from charges of sexual impropriety by contributing to feminist causes, Moore may have been especially zealous in pushing religion.”


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What Harvey Weistein reminds us of Hillary Clinton?

by on Nov.05, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Ethics>Posts>Opinions>Politics>Presidential Campaigns

Harvey Weinstein always reminds me of Hillary Clinton and the like. These are people who just know how to play the game to stay at the top. And common people just put up with everything they did in the hope that these people will protect them or fight for their rights. Why can’t people realize that if these people abuse them, there is no way they will really protect them or fight for their rights? People who support Hillary Clinton to the end are really unwise! This tendency of the common people is what makes politics in the developing world almost always fails, and what makes Democrats in America fail.

“In the world of the wealthy, liberalism is something you do to offset your rapacious behavior in other spheres. It’s no coincidence that, in Weinstein’s desperate first response to the accusations against him, he thought to promise war against the National Rifle Association and to support scholarships for women.” – from “What Harvey Weinstein tells us about the liberal world“.

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Is Edward Snowden good or bad for America?

by on Nov.02, 2013, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Civil Rights>Posts>Opinions>Politics>Ethics>Posts>Opinions>Ethics>Human Decency

First of all, he is neither the only one nor the first one who fights against NSA spying. Others have been fighting against it for years. However, sometimes you just have to break the law to get the press to report about and thus start a public debate over an issue that others have been fighting over for years. How many people have been protesting NSA warrantless wiretapping in the past decade?

What about his revelation to the world of NSA’s spying on people in other countries and other governments? Would you rather see the US as a friend or foe of other people and other governments? If you prefer to be friends with other people and other governments, then don’t do to others what you do not want to be done to yourself. I think what Edward Snowden has done will change the US to her advantage, stop her from going over the cliff. Would you rather losing friends after being found not being really friendly to your friends? Actions speak louder than words. Don’t expect to betray your friends and not being found out later.

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The Government’s Abuse of the Parents of “Balloon Boy”

by on Dec.24, 2009, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Civil Rights>Posts>Opinions>Society>Crimes>Posts>Opinions>Politics>Ethics

Just because someone has done something wrong or committed a crime does not mean that that person can be abused. But that is what happens a lot of time. People often disrespect someone who has been condemned for some reason, even if it is not a very serious reason. And once they disrespect someone, they abuse them.

“Balloon Boy” parents Richard and Mayumi Heene should pay for the government’s financial losses resulting from their hoax. But they should be allowed to make money to pay for it even if it means that they have to write a book or offer TV interviews about their hoax. Some people may want to know why they did what they did and what their experience was. They may profit from something that has caused harm to other people. But they are going to pay for all the harm they did to other people.

By the way, some people think that Richard and Mayumi Heene abuse their children. I don’t see any of that. One, they did not instruct their children to lie. That was why the boy told the truth and we got to know the truth. Two, they did not jeopardize their children’s safety by really letting the boy trapped in the balloon to make it real. Three, they let them explore nature to learn more about nature and technologies. I would love to have that kind of opportunities growing up. I don’t understand why people accused them of abusing their children.

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Bill Clinton is mean and stupid

by on Jan.21, 2008, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Ethics>Posts>Opinions>Politics>Presidential Campaigns

Men who lied about their relationships with women are never nice. By lying about their relationships, they hurt the women they are lying about. If they are mean enough to hurt the women they had relationships with, they will be mean enough to do anything else that is mean.

As a former president and as someone respected by his party, Bill Clinton should not try to break the rules and get back into the White House by helping his wife running for the high office.

He is also stupid to have misinterpreted what Obama said about Reagan. An educated man should not interpret what Obama said in the same way an uneducated man would. I wonder if he was too stupid to understand Obama or too stupid to figure out that other people would not misinterpret Obama the way he did.

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The New Slogan for the Clintons – Ready to Bend

by on Jan.19, 2008, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Ethics>Posts>Opinions>Politics>Presidential Campaigns

From the Clintons’ responses to the Navada casino caucuses lawsuit, we can see that they are as ready as the Bush administration to bend the rules, even the rules they helped set up just not long ago with the intention to benefit themselves. In order to prevent their opponent from winning a few more delegates, they are willing to give up their reputation and their principles. Imagine if Hillary gets elected, how much of a difference can her administration be from the Bush administration?

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The Moral Implication of Hillary’s Involvement in Politics

by on Jan.10, 2008, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Ethics>Posts>Opinions>Politics>Presidential Campaigns

Hillary and many women seem to think that if she wins, women win. But how many women are married to a former president? Are other women supposed to look for men who are or will be successful so they can get help from their men to climb the social ladder as well? Haven’t we had enough of those women who use sex to get promotions at work?

Hillary should not have started running for public office after her husband had become a president. If she has been a public servant before that, it would have been OK for her to continue doing that. But it is very obvious that she has been making use of his fame, power, connections, political capital, etc. to climb the social ladder, which is unfair for those who she runs against, and sets a very bad example for the whole society.

I don’t understand why a democratic society like America would allow immediate relatives of those who have held public offices to run for public offices. This is a major source of corruptions in non-democratic societies.

How can you tell whether a candidate wins an election with his/her appeal to voters or with his/her relatives’ resources?

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Impeach Cheney?

by on Nov.07, 2007, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Ethics

American politics is such that I never even thought that this would ever be brought up formally in US Congress. I just thought that American politicians would just do whatever is safe. And basically, they are safer not to do anything than to do something.

It is amazing some people are still fighting. Most people simply have given up on politics all together. Politics has become something like another stage where other actors get to play, not us.

It is unfortunate that most Americans do not take full advantage of a democratic system and let things happen the same way they do in a non-democratic society.

Now is there any hope to get real with this?

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Can We Give Him a Break? – On Idaho Senator Larry Craig’s Scandal

by on Aug.30, 2007, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Ethics

It seems clear that he did try to look for some fun for himself in a public bathroom and did try to make the issue go away one way or the other. However, this is his own problem. It would not have had any negative impact on his family or his constituents if no one makes an issue out of it. His problem is that he is still like kids – controlled by his subconscious desires, the desire to have fun and the desire to conceal it.

As to the annoyance he gave to other people in a public bathroom when he tried to solicit sex, it is something that can be forgiven to. After all, people have to make their desires known to find other people who share their desires. It is similar to the kind of sexual harassment that women receive all the time. And it is also like many other kinds of harassment. Can you say that you have never sent a email on a subject that a recipient may not be interested in? You don’t know if a recipient is interested in the subject until you have sent out the email. If you have to make sure that a recipient is interested in a subject before you send him/her a email on that subject, many people will miss out a lot of opportunities to learn about things that may interest them.

As to his hypocrisy on the gay issue, it is understandable, too. He can’t help being gay. But he does not think that being gay is something that should be encouraged. A lot of people who think that they are over weight and should control their diet can not control their diet.

By the way, democrats and republicans should stop arguing over the gay issue. We all agree that being gay is not something that should be encouraged, but something that some people can’t help. It is like a disease that those who have it should not be discriminated against for having. Otherwise, we will be like Nazis who think that only certain type of people get to live.

The only break he can not be given, at least to some people, is to have produced a business card identifying himself as a member of the US Senate when confronted by the police officer. It was a dumb move because the police officer could have suspected him of using a fake identity in trying to get off. But the more serious problem is that he was using his privilege as a US senator for the wrong thing. His action not only was a misuse of his privilege, but also seriously tainted the reputation of the US Congress. For the politicians in US Congress, especially the Republican congressional members, this is a crime that can not be forgiven at all.

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