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Why does it still matter?

by on Aug.09, 2009, under Posts>Gossip>Political Gossip>Conspiracy Theories>JFK Assassination

Here are some quotes from

“Knowing the truth about the Kennedy Assassination is understanding America today.”

The following quotes are from “Why does it still matter?“.

“It matters because if the government is still lying about the Kennedy assassination, it essentially means that the powers that killed John F. Kennedy are still in charge this very day. Therefore the Kennedy assassination is NOT just an historical event of a distant past. It is an event that has changed the course of history and has set the stage for the political situation of today. In short, it has affected all our lives to some extent, but we do not know exactly how or why.”

“It matters because a coup d’etat that was succesfully kept secret in a democratic country means, by default, that the succeeding government was illegitimate.”

“It matters because the mainstream media continues to support, and even endorse, the official version of the Kennedy assassination. We must, therefore, seriously question if there is indeed freedom of speech and freedom of press in America.”

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Blind Men and an Elephant – on the JFK Assassination Investigations

by on Aug.07, 2009, under Posts>Gossip>Political Gossip>Conspiracy Theories>JFK Assassination

There have been so many theories in the JFK assassination and so many people have been blamed solely for the assassination – from Lee Harvey Oswald to Lyndon Johnson, it reminds me of the story of “the blind men and an elephant”. Each theory only focuses on some of the participants. The truth probably is that, with the exception of  Lee Harvey Oswald, who was involved unknowingly, and some people who might have had prior knowledge and could not or did not stop it, and some other people who had knowledge and helped to cover it up, there were many people involved in the planning and execution of the assassination, each for their own reasons, some more involved than others. And not all those involved have been identified and brought to justice, not even in the court of public opinion. That is why there is still no real official investigation into JFK’s assassination, only cover-ups. For example, Lyndon Johnson is rumored to be the highest in command in the assassination. But if he was the one who ordered the assassination, why there has been no any investigation in the past 40 years since he left office and 36 years since he died? It did not take much time for China’s Gang of Four to be jailed after they fell from power.

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Who really killed JFK?

by on Jul.26, 2009, under Posts>Gossip>Political Gossip>Conspiracy Theories>JFK Assassination

“JFK was killed by agents of the Federal Reserve. He tried to take away 2 ways the global bankers maintain control and make money; war and issuing currency. He didn’t want the Vietnam war and he certainly wasn’t going to have the US citizens be enslaved by debt from the get go.” – read the whole article: “Who really killed JFK?“.

My thought is that the banks may control the money supply. But the US government is the one that has control over what wars to wage and what wars not to wage. And this is ultimately decided by the American people. In America, public opinion does have impacts on government policies. This has been proven by the conclusion of the Vietnam war. Educating the American public about wars will help.

What really killed JFK is his openness and the fact that he knew, among other things, that the Vietnam war was not going to work, before the American public knew it. I guess for the president of the United States to survive his presidency, he has to be the last person to know what works and what will not work, and let Congress make all the decisions.

The issuance of a silver backed currency was to make sure that the currency used in the US would always have the same value. It was to prevent the American people from being looted through inflation. Inflation can result from the issuance of a currency that is not backed by silver or gold. The limited availability of silver and gold keeps the value of a silver backed currency unchanged. A currency that is not backed by silver or gold can be issued in any amount. So the value of such currency can easily be reduced by issuing more and more of it. I think this is the main reason why JFK issued a silver backed currency. I do not think that his main goal of issuing a silver backed currency was to avoid having to pay interests on the money the US government would borrow, as some people have suggested.

Another reason for JFK to issue a silver backed currency could be that he did not want the US government to overspend on a war and get the American people deep into debt for it. When a currency is pegged to silver or gold, we only have a limited supply of it. So it is hard to overspend it. The reason why we have been overspending in the recent wars is that there is no limit in the supply of the currency that we are using. And this has got America deep into debt.

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Pat Tillman Murder Conspiracy Theory

by on Aug.04, 2007, under Posts>Gossip>Political Gossip>Conspiracy Theories

Nobody has been able to explain why Pat Tillman was killed the way he was killed. So some people came up with a Pat Tillman murder conspiracy theory to offer an explanation.

I think this theory is weak because the motive is not strong enough and it really demeans a lot of people. People with bad ideology do not necessarily have bad characters.

Instead of grilling Rumsfeld, I think we should first grill the solders who fired the shots. Ask them why they did it. It will lead to anything higher up if there was anything higher up. Then there will be more credibility to the conspiracy theory.

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9.11 Conspiracy Theory

by on Aug.04, 2007, under Posts>Gossip>Political Gossip>Conspiracy Theories

Before I heard of 9.11 Conspiracy Theory I never doubted that Islamic extremists had the drive and the capability to pull off as big a catastrophe as 9.11.

But most of the questions raised by 9.11 Conspiracy Theory seem to be valid.

The only thing I can not understand is that if so many people were involved in a conspiracy, why nothing has ever been leaked from the people involved? I find it hard to believe that so many people who were involved in a conspiracy could keep their secretes for so long.

I wish that the theory is correct though, because if it is correct, there is a chance that the passengers in those airplanes may still be alive. If so we still need to find out where they are and bring them back.

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