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Rev. Wright’s 9.11 View was shared by Ward Churchill

by on Mar.19, 2008, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Presidential Campaigns>Posts>Opinions>Politics>Terrorism

It is not politically correct. But it is shared by many among Whites and Blacks alike. In political science, we say terrorism is the result of failed US foreign policies. Rev. Wright was just expressing this view point in a way that offends those who are very sensitive to any injury to the pride they have as American citizens.

Many of us know that US foreign policies are not perfect and are the cause of many problems in international relations. Same thing can be said about any nation or people. No nation or people are perfect. They all do something wrong and get themselves into troubles for what they have done. The only thing that can make a difference is to learn from mistakes. If we only get upset at what happens to us but do not try to learn from mistakes, we will be making the same mistakes and getting into the same troubles again and again.

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Obama Wrong on Terrorism, Right on Wars

by on Jan.13, 2008, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Presidential Campaigns>Posts>Opinions>Politics>Terrorism>Posts>Opinions>Politics>World Affairs

What Al-Qaeda is waging is terrorism, not wars. Terrorism can not be tackled with military offensives. If Obama thinks that he can solve the problem of terrorism using military means, he is wrong.

The problem of terrorism is rooted in high unemployment rates in the countries that produce “terrorists”. To eliminate terrorism, we need to create an environment where there can be political stability in those countries. Then economic development in those countries will follow. I think Iran is setting a good example. We may not like its ideology and political system. But Iran is not producing “terrorists”. And it is not going to war with other countries. I think Obama is right to say that we should not give the Bush administration a false pretext to invade Iran.

The Iranian president may be saying things that we do not like to hear. But as long as he is not doing anything against international laws, there is no justification for us to go to war with Iran. Former Japanese Prime Minister used to do things that were extremely offensive to China. But China did not go to war with Japan in spite of that. Now that there is a new Japanese Prime Minister who does not do what the former Japanese Prime Minister did, China-Japan relation is getting a lot better.

International relations need to be handled with patience because wars are very costly, not only in terms of resources, but also, more importantly, in terms of human tolls. Some people seem to think that we can afford as many wars as we want. That is not true. Getting addicted to wars is like getting addicted to anything else. Most addictions ruin those who suffer from them.

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Ward Churchill

by on Jul.28, 2007, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Terrorism

I have once lived and worked in the Wall Street area for one year. My office building was next to The Bull. My apartment was just one block from Wall Street. During that year I went to the Border’s bookstore at World Trade Center often. And, after I moved out of Manhattan, I still came back to the World Trade Center area for business sometimes. In fact, I visited 1 World Trade Center one day in May 2001, just 4 months before 9.11, to see if I should rent office space from a friend in that tower. I still have the World Trade Center visitor card issued on that day with my picture taken by security in that tower.

So to me World Trade Center is not just a picture, or a name, or something remote or abstract. It is part of my memory. It is something intimate and personal.

But when the World Trade Center was hit, the same thought that Ward Churchill had came to my mind too. I also had the feeling that to some Americans, World Trade Center deserved it, even though I had never heard of anyone saying that. Neither had I got to know Ward Churchill or his work.

I think this was because World Trade Center had become the symbol of American capitalism, which was blamed for a lot of suffering at home and abroad.

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