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What is unacceptable about Trump and Moore?

by on Dec.13, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Ethics

It’s not what they had done decades ago before their elections. It’s how they handled people’s accusations. It is possible that they did not remember some of the people that they might have unintentionally hurt. But to outright accuse people of lying is not right. They should learn from Senator Al Franken and say the right thing, which is to be sorry if they had hurt those people. Sexual harassment is not always intentional. But when you find out that you have harassed people unintentionally, you should apologize anyway. If an apology right before an election may jeopardize their chance of winning the election, so be it. There will always be a second chance, like what Trump thought of the Alabama election. Your reputation is important, because it is for life. You risk losing your reputation for one time win and you may not win and may lose for the rest of your life. As for the people who want to vote for them because of what they believe in, they can always vote for others who believe in the same thing. Nobody has a monopoly on any believe. For example, if Trump quits, there can still be Mike Pence, who may not be exactly the same, but may be close.

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How to avoid committing sexual harassment

by on Dec.10, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Society>Sexual harassment

I have been sexually harassed and assaulted by both strangers and acquaintances. So I support the Metoo movement. In the meantime, I was accused of sexual harassment (for sending love messages through emails) when I was in my 20s and I have learned my lessons. So I am writing this post to give my advice on how to avoid committing sexual harassment.

Firstly, make sure you know why someone wants to talk to you or meet with you. There can be 999 reasons for someone to want to talk to you or meet with you other than wanting to be close to you. When someone wants to talk to you or meet with you, it does not mean that he/she is interested in you.

Secondly, when someone is interested in you, he/she may just want to know more about you. He/she may not have fallen in love with you. Only when people have fallen in love with you will they not feel being harassed sexually.

Thirdly, when people want to have a relationship with you, they prefer that you respond to their initiatives in certain ways rather than you taking the initiative, because they want to make sure that you have really fallen in love and could not help but to respond to them.

The rule of thumb is not to assume that you are so popular that people will fall in love with you no matter what. People fall in love only after they feel being admired and respected, on top of having admiration for you. Even getting admiration requires some self-discipline, not just popularity. If you lower your self-respect, he/she will lose interest in you even if you are popular.

When two people are truly in love with each other, they will overcome all the shyness naturally and get intimate. So don’t worry that the above rules will prevent people who are truly in love from getting intimate.

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Republicans also fail for the same reason

by on Nov.13, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Ethics>Posts>Opinions>Politics>Presidential Campaigns

Republicans fail the same way Democrats fail by supporting candidates like Donald Trump and Roy Moore (Roy Moore scandal: Senate victory would be toxic for religious right).

“If the allegations are true, it is appalling that Moore has held himself up as a defender of faith. Much like movie producer Harvey Weinstein sought to insulate himself from charges of sexual impropriety by contributing to feminist causes, Moore may have been especially zealous in pushing religion.”


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What Harvey Weistein reminds us of Hillary Clinton?

by on Nov.05, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Ethics>Posts>Opinions>Politics>Presidential Campaigns

Harvey Weinstein always reminds me of Hillary Clinton and the like. These are people who just know how to play the game to stay at the top. And common people just put up with everything they did in the hope that these people will protect them or fight for their rights. Why can’t people realize that if these people abuse them, there is no way they will really protect them or fight for their rights? People who support Hillary Clinton to the end are really unwise! This tendency of the common people is what makes politics in the developing world almost always fails, and what makes Democrats in America fail.

“In the world of the wealthy, liberalism is something you do to offset your rapacious behavior in other spheres. It’s no coincidence that, in Weinstein’s desperate first response to the accusations against him, he thought to promise war against the National Rifle Association and to support scholarships for women.” – from “What Harvey Weinstein tells us about the liberal world“.

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Here is when a civil war is justified

by on Sep.04, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Immigration & Globalization>Immigration>Immigration Reform

I am against violence. So I am not against resistance of violence. Violence by the government is still violence. So resistance of violence by the government is justified. This is what tea party people would advocate. But this time they are the ones in control of the government, and the government they are in control of is resorting to violence to get undocumented immigrants, including those who have been cooperating with the government – the DREAMERs, out of the country.

If you have no heart, no ability to reason, you may still want to be trustworthy. How can a government which turns 180 degrees in less than one year be considered trustworthy?

If Americans who care for their image and credibility want to revolt, I think it is justifiable.

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There should be a lawsuit against the North Korean government

by on Aug.28, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>World Affairs>Human Rights

There should be a lawsuit against the North Korean government over their negligence that resulted in Otto Warmbier’s early death. Prisoners should not be given food that can cause botulism. Makers and sellers of food that causes botulism in the US can be sued. So the North Korean government can be sued for allowing such food to be fed to prisoners as well. The North Korean government may in turn sue their prison food suppliers. This should not be a matter of national sovereignty. This is a matter of universal human rights.

I do not think that going to war with North Korea will bring justice to Otto Warmbier’s family. Many more people will die and yet Otto Warmbier will not be brought back. If we do not want Otto Warmbier to die in vein, let’s try to push for some progress in prisoners’ rights in North Korea.
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Can we use the laws to fight hate speeches?

by on Aug.28, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Society>Racism

Why is there no any lawsuit against any hate speech? Can’t we sue hate speech rally speakers for defamation or incitement of violence?

By the way, I do not understand why the US government would allow hate speeches to go on. Is there not any criteria to meet for speeches to be allowed to be given in public? The right to free speech should not be in conflicts with the right to be free from being defamed or being physically threatened.

The right to free speech is the right to expression of opinions. Defamation and incitement of violence are not expression of opinions.

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Governments are there to help “losers”, not to laugh at them

by on Aug.28, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Presidential Campaigns

One of the reasons why Hillary Clinton lost last year was that she laughed at “losers” during her campaign. When politicians laugh at people they are supposed to serve, they will lose the chance to serve them. Steve Bannon made the same mistake. Trump was right not to follow Bannon’s lead on this. Even though I do not like Trump or support Trump, I have to be honest about this. Trump is being nice to his supporters, including the worst among them, probably the same way a good parent would be to their worst children. I hope that Trump can turn the worst of his supporters into better people.

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Black lives ALSO matter vs. ONLY Black lives matter

by on Aug.26, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Society>Racism

I guess one of the reasons why there is a conflict over “Black lives matter” is that different people understand “Black lives matter” differently. Those who champion “Black lives matter” want to stress that Black lives ALSO matter. Those who stress that “All lives matter” think “Black lives matter” means “ONLY Black lives matter”.

When people feel that they are being oppressed, they try hard to assert their rights. If two groups of people both feel that they are being oppressed by the other group of people, they both fight against the other group. That is how two groups get into a fight.

To stop two groups from fighting, politicians and the media need to stop making their group feel that the other group is trying to oppress them or that the other group is the problem, that they need politicians and the media to help them fight the other group. Tension between two groups keeps increasing because politicians and the media want the people to feel that they need politicians and the media to fight against the other group on their behalf. Steve Bannon was one such politician when he was serving in the Trump administration. Trump is less so, but still a rather polarizing politician.

By the way, I don’t think Obama was the one who increased tension between Black and White Americans. Some in the media were.


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The fight against racism should not be violent

by on Aug.21, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Society>Racism

Racism comes from two sources. One is prejudice. The other is the desire for protection of interests.

When people get violent, it is either because they want to protect their interests, or because they disrecpect the people they abuse.

The fight against racism should not be for the protection of interests because there should not be real conflict of interests between those who embrace racism and those who fight against it. The fight against racism should be for overcoming prejudice only. So it should not be violent. If those who fight against racism get violent out of disrespect for those who embrace racism, then they are becoming the people who they fight against.

Most people who fight against racism are not violent. But some are. And those who use force are increasing tension with those who they fight against and invite more violence.

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