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Nina Bernstein

by on Apr.08, 2009, under People>Reporters

Nina Bernstein is a New York Times reporter who has been reporting on immigrant detainees’ human rights violation. You can see her articles on the New York Times here: Nina Bernstein of The New York Times.

The most important distinction between a developed country and a developing country may not be the amount of wealth, but the champion of human rights. Some people say that America may be turning into a third world country because there are more and more poor people in America. I think if America turns into a third world country, it is because there are more and more human rights violations. This downward trend in human rights in America starts from the US government. New immigrants contribute to it by not learning the language and the culture of championing human rights. They can be both the human rights violators and the victims that allow human rights violations to continue.

It is reporters like Nina Bernstein who are trying to keep America from slipping into a third world country. I wish that there are more of them.

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by on Jul.26, 2007, under People>Entrepreneurs

me I am the one who set up I have been working on web projects since 1996. I have built a fashion portal Dress King Fashion Network before. is my second Internet venture.

I set up as a place for New Yorkers to connect with each other and for businesses to connect with consumers. The thing that is important about is that people can write reviews or opinions and read others’ reviews and opinions on other people or businesses so that businesses can improve and people won’t get cheated repeatedly. I hope that with, New York will be less ruled by the “law of the jungle” – everyone for himself and anything goes.

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