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In handling a dispute, getting physical is never wise

by on Jun.24, 2014, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>World Affairs>Vietnam

When you have been wronged, the last thing you want to do is to get physical with the ones who have wronged you, that is, to take matters into your own hands, which is unwise and illegal. You will not get anything more by getting physical than by going to court, only less, not to mention that you may get hurt or get killed when you get physical. Even if you do win in a physical fight, you will not be able to convince anyone by simply winning the fight, that the one who lost in the fight was wrong. Whether a person is righteous has nothing to do with whether he or she can win in a physical fight.

In the dispute with China, Vietnam should refrain from getting into a physical confrontation with China even though China is wrong and illegal to drill in a disputed area. A physical confrontation with China will not be able to help Vietnam in any way when the case goes to court.

When an area is in dispute, no country should act like she is the rightful owner of the area. China is wrong to drill in a disputed area. Vietnam is also wrong to fish there or unilaterally try to stop China from drilling there. Both China and Vietnam should wait for a judgement made by an international court before conducting any unilateral commercial or law enforcement activity in the disputed area. Unilateral actions are provocative. China and Vietnam will just keep provoking each other with their unilateral actions. The insistence by each side on their ownership of the area is provoking the other side to do the same. As a result, neither can refrain from provoking the other.

If the case goes to court and Vietnam wins and the disputed area is legally Vietnamese territory, China will lose all the profits from the drilling and will have to pay Vietnam for the losses from China’s activities in the disputed area. So I do not see why Vietnam has to try to stop China from drilling there before taking the case to court.

If there is no such court yet, we should all work on setting up such a court. Every country needs a court. The world needs a court, too.

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