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Human Rights

There should be a lawsuit against the North Korean government

by on Aug.28, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>World Affairs>Human Rights

There should be a lawsuit against the North Korean government over their negligence that resulted in Otto Warmbier’s early death. Prisoners should not be given food that can cause botulism. Makers and sellers of food that causes botulism in the US can be sued. So the North Korean government can be sued for allowing such food to be fed to prisoners as well. The North Korean government may in turn sue their prison food suppliers. This should not be a matter of national sovereignty. This is a matter of universal human rights.

I do not think that going to war with North Korea will bring justice to Otto Warmbier’s family. Many more people will die and yet Otto Warmbier will not be brought back. If we do not want Otto Warmbier to die in vein, let’s try to push for some progress in prisoners’ rights in North Korea.
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May Liu Xiaobo Rest In Peace

by on Jul.14, 2017, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>World Affairs>Human Rights

I admire Liu Xiaobo for his passion and love for his country and his people, as well as his courage to fight for what he thought was right. Xi Jinping lacks the courage to do anything a little bit differently. That was why there was no pardon for Liu Xiaobo. (People in power are rarely brave enough to do things differently because they do not want to lose allies or be seen as dictators.) It is very regretful that Liu had to die so soon. I think his bad health had to do with his unhappiness with politics in China. And his imprisonment could have made it worse. Same thing happened to Lynne Stewart. I hope people do not get imprisoned for their political believes.

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Q&A on the Jimmy Kimmel controversy

by on Nov.12, 2013, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>World Affairs>China>Posts>Opinions>Ethics>Human Decency>Posts>Opinions>Politics>World Affairs>Human Rights

Q: It is just a show. Why asking for an apology?

A: Watching this show will make some people think that it is OK to consider 1)killing people; 2)killing a whole group of people; 3)killing a whole country of people; 4)killing someone to get rid of a problem; 5)killing your creditor; 6)borrowing money without keeping it in mind that you will have to return the money one day. I think ABC and Jimmy Kimmel not only have to apologize to China and the Chinese people, but also have to apologize to the American people, especially the American kids.

Q: Why Chinese Americans and China are asking for an apology?

A: Saying “killing everyone in China” is an interesting idea and asking if the Chinese should be allowed to live is to say the United States can do anything to China because China is not equal to the United States and has to be at the United States’ mercy. Is that not showing disrespect for China and the Chinese people? If you fail to see that, it means that you think China does not deserve any respect and so should just accept the insult.

Q: Do Jimmy Kimmel and ABC not have the right to free speech?

A: Genocide advocacy is not protected by the laws.

Q: Jimmy Kimmel has said “I’m a comedian, I was trying to make people laugh.”

A: That is where the problem is. Some Americans enjoy talking about killing Chinese (probably simply because they think they can if they want to). And Jimmy Kimmel just wanted to make money out of that. That is how the entertainment world makes money a lot of time. But not everything you can make money doing is right.

Q: Why is the show disgusting?

A: If you don’t find it disgusting, it could be because you would have said the same thing, done the same thing yourself. But the fact that you would have said the same thing, done the same thing does not mean that it was right. I guess people who fail to see any problem with joking about killing certain people were raised with so much prejudice against those people that they are not able to see that there is a problem with joking about killing them.

Q: We are just joking, why being so offended?

A: You are just joking, not really doing anything, because you don’t want to break the laws and get punished for it. But plenty of people will turn words into actions and will do the dirty work for you (trying to harm Chinese living in America since they can not really go to China to kill people over there) and they will have to go to jail for you to get a good laugh out of it. Do you realize how mean you are? If you do not have the thought of killing Chinese, why talk about it? If you have the thought of killing Chinese, why only talk to others about it? You know that you can not kill, but talk to others as if anyone who wants to can give it a try. Is that not misleading? You are also suggesting that the Chinese deserve to get killed. Is that not offensive enough?

Q: It was a child who said it. Why being offended?

A: It was Jimmy Kimmel who not only failed to tell the child that it was not right to think of killing people to solve a problem, but also kind of gave him certain degree of encouragement, then allowed the show to be broadcast without that part being edited out. Jimmy Kimmel and ABC were basically using the child to express their own opinions. The child was innocent, but Jimmy Kimmel and ABC were not.

Q: People in or from a communist country like China don’t deserve an apology because they are not getting anything better from their government.

A: Don’t use ideology as a justification for genocide advocacy. You are way behind the time if you do. There are problems with every social system. There is no system a people choose that should make them subject to genocide. Those who think people should be killed for choosing one social system over others have no concept of human rights or democracy.

Q: Look at how Chinese are treated in China. Why are they asking for dignity here?

A: Do you think that if Chinese are oppressed in China, they should not get anything better here? You want to compete against the Chinese government to see who is more mean to the Chinese people? Well, at least the Chinese government is not saying that it is going to kill everyone in China.

I guess you will want to ask, so why are the Chinese coming to America and some won’t leave. Well, quite many Americans have come to China and some have not left, either. People move around for different reasons. If you just don’t like the Chinese to come to America, you can just say so. But that does not justify talking about killing everyone in China.

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No Indefinite Detention without Trial

by on Feb.14, 2012, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Civil Rights>Posts>Opinions>Politics>World Affairs>Human Rights

I am not sure why it has taken me so long to write about this. But it is better late than never.

What the US government has been doing in the “War on Terror” keeps reminding me of what the French did to my mother’s family. And there seems to be no end to it.

Indefinite detention without trial is a universal problem in a lawless world. If America prides herself as a nation of laws, indefinite detention without trial should not be allowed at all, no matter whether it is done to US citizens, legal residents, undocumented immigrants, foreigners, “terrorists”, or enemy combatants.

I don’t know how many laws the US government has broken in the “War on Terror”. And not many voters are concerned with it. I think for the US to be a real nation of laws, the basic in International laws and the US Constitution has to be taught in middle school and high school.

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