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Why support Occupy Wall Street and their sleeping in public space

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Q: Why don’t they just go find a job?

A: If you are always busy looking for work and working, you won’t be able to devote your time and energy to the struggle. You will always be struggling to get by. You will never have a better future. Young people are right to devote their time and energy to the struggle so that they can have a better future.

Q: Why don’t they go to the homeless shelters?

A: If people stay in homeless shelters, not many people will know about their problems. And their problems will never be solved.

Q: Occupy Wall Street put protesters in harm’s way because protesters are being beaten up by police at Occupy Wall Street protests. Also, protesters can be arrested and records of multiple arrests will hurt protesters in the future. Why should people participate in Occupy Wall Street protests and get themselves hurt and risk their future also?

A: It is up to the police, not Occupy Wall Street, whether protesters get beaten up and arrested or not. What we have to do is to try to stop the police from beating and arresting people for protesting, not to stop protesting. The government should try to listen to protesters’ concerns rather than trying to silence them. If a government encourages people to try to beat each other out to make it and makes those who can not make it disappear, it is practicing social Darwinism, not democracy.

Q: Is Occupy Wall Street encouraging people to go homeless?

A: Occupy Wall Street has been trying their best to help homeless people find a place. You can go to to find housing information ( any time. Food and housing are the two things that OWS have devoted more of their time and energy to, so much so that they were suspected of turning into a charity at one point.

Q: Have Occupy Wall Street protesters been brainwashed, manipulated, blackmailed, or are they too young to make their own judgement?

A: Protesters are not underage children who will do anything you ask them to do. They are not brainwashed, manipulated, or blackmailed, either. They choose to participate in the protests. Nobody at Occupy Wall Street that I know of has been manipulated or blackmailed into participating. It is totally up to every individual what they participate in and when. The reason why protesters are mostly young people is that older people have families and so can not risk too much. Younger people often do not have to worry about their families and so can risk more.

Q: Is Occupy Wall Street using minority to further majority’s agenda?

A: Most protesters at Occupy Wall Street are not minority. And Occupy Wall Street’s agenda is not for majority and against minority. Just because a majority is fighting for it does not mean that it is against minority.

Q: Why are the masses not joining Occupy Wall Street?

A: Some don’t understand the movement. Some have been misinformed. Some misunderstand the movement and think that it is against their interests. Some don’t want to or can not afford to risk their interests for the greater good.

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Videos of Occupy Wall Street Events

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The videos below may or may not be live. Please listen carefully to find out if they are live.

Watch live streaming video from owsnyc at

occupynyc2 on Broadcast Live Free
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