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Adoption Advice

by on Mar.13, 2010, under Businesses>Services>Professional Services>Consultation>Adoption

Free consultations about international adoption. There are thousands of orphans in need of loving families and many families (and singles) that desire children. Let me help bring your lives together. I will explain the requirements and procedures in the U.S. and the foreign country, provide information about financing your adoption and share details about adoption opportunities in various countries. Please consider adoption when you decide to start or add to your family. I did!

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Kendrick Nguyen

by on Jan.13, 2010, under Businesses>Services>Professional Services>Law Firms>Immigration

Kendrick Nguyen is a practicing attorney in New York City. He wrote a very good article concerning the case of an immigrant facing deportation for crimes he committed during his teenage years which he had served time for: Halting the Exile of an American.

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New York Mind Body & Soul

by on Oct.26, 2009, under Businesses>Services>Professional Services>Hypnosis

Do You Want to Lose Weight?

Do You Want to Stop Smoking?

Build Confidence, Reduce Stress, Lose Weight, Improve Self-Esteem, Break Old Habits, Overcome Anger, and Improve Relationships, More….

Take back control of your life.
Come for private sessions or group workshops.

Use the power of the mind!
Create a new you, healthy and secure.
Be Healthy. Be Happy. Believe You can do it!

Visit our website to learn about hypnosis, self-hypnosis, our hypnotist Mary Balchi, our services and rates, and how to contact us.

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Alan Lee

by on Mar.21, 2009, under Businesses>Services>Professional Services>Law Firms>Immigration

I have not hired this attorney for anything. But I learned about him from an article he wrote and from his web site Alen Lee, Attorney at Law. My feeling is that he is experienced and fair. And his web site is very informative. Check it out.

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Robert Grodd, Attorney-At-Law

by on Jul.13, 2008, under Businesses>Services>Professional Services>Law Firms

This attorney is very nice. He offered me free consultation. What is more, he seems to be a real attorney, not just one who knows how to file papers or strictly follow the rules. Here is his web site: Robert Grodd.

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Zhang & Attorneys, P.C.

by on May.16, 2008, under Businesses>Services>Professional Services>Law Firms>Immigration

1350 Broadway, Suite 1710
New York, NY 10018

Tel: 1-800-920-0880
FAX: 212-643-5487


Office Hours:
9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday,
9:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday.

I met them at a lobbying event in Washington, DC. I had very good impression of the team.

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Fieldston Properties

by on Jan.15, 2008, under Businesses>Services>Professional Services>Real Estate Brokers

Fieldston Properties is a boutique agency serving the Riverdale, Fieldston, and Kingsbridge sections of the Bronx

Because our agents live and work in the area we are uniquely qualified to provide in-depth information on the area – whether you are looking for a diamond or a diamond in the rough, we can find it for you.

Our goal is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Fieldston Properties

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Law Offices of Stuart J. Reich

by on Nov.21, 2007, under Businesses>Services>Professional Services>Law Firms>Immigration

Law Offices of Stuart J. Reich‘s practice concentrates on serving the U.S. immigration needs of both individuals and employers.

Mr. Stuart Reich has helped me find out the status of my case without charging me. This is the opposite of the practice of some other lawyers, who charged me for consultation without offering me any useful information or any help.

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The Law Offices of Randall S. Newman, P.C.

by on Nov.15, 2007, under Businesses>Services>Professional Services>Law Firms>Consumer Protection

The Law Offices of Randall S. Newman, P.C. is a law firm representing consumers who have been victimized or deceived by businesses through deceptive advertising or fraudulent marketing of consumer goods and services. The firm also represents consumers who have been subject to unfair practices concerning credit financing, credit reporting, debt collection and other aspects of consumer transactions as well as claims for violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act for unsolicited faxes.

The firm handles most cases on a contengent fee basis, which means that we do not get paid anything unless we are successful in obtaining a monetary recovery for our clients. Usually, the firm advances costs necessary to litigate each case.

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