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Inglorious Bastard is gross

by on Apr.03, 2010, under Posts>Movie Reviews

I think entertainment has a greater impact on a nation than anything else because it shapes the soul of a nation. So I think it is important to watch what is being fed into people’s minds by the entertainment world.

Inglorious Bastard is OK for the most part. But some parts of it are really gross. The scene where Nazi soldiers were scalped is extremely gross. I don’t know how some people can laugh seeing that scene. I guess the existing of such an audience is the reason why this scene is in there. But to have that scene in there to satisfy such an audience is like to have pornography in there. It is just gross. Not to mention that it degrades Jewish American soldiers. I do not believe that Jewish people are that vengeful and barbaric.

I just want to scream that this kind of barbarism should not be fed into people’s minds.

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The Book of Eli

by on Mar.05, 2010, under Posts>Movie Reviews

I don’t know why I had a feeling of emptiness when I watched this movie. I think there is a contradiction between what I saw in the movie and what the movie wanted to advocate. The movie theme is to save the Bible, which means that what the Bible teaches should never be given up. But the movie showed so much of violence and individual heroism while showing nothing about what the Bible teaches – kindness, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, the desire to turn forces of evil into forces of good, mutual respect, brotherhood, the desire to help others, the desire to work with others, etc. I wonder why they bothered to make such a movie.

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