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Next Major Leg DOWN for Dollar; UP for Resources

by on Oct.18, 2009, under Posts>Opinions>Investment

If you have money to invest, here is something to pay attention to. Rumors are that the US dollar will lose lots of its value and gold will go up much higher. Are they just hiking it or is it really going to happen? I have noticed steady price increases for food and services. Is that a sign or not?

I do not like to think that in order to reduce national debt, the government should spend as little as possible and so can not have any stimulus program. In business, not spending money is not the way to make money. To make money, you always have to spend. You just have to spend wisely. The problem with the US government is that it is not spending money wisely. For example, it is still spending a great deal of money in two wars which bring us nothing but uncertainty.

With that said, I agree that we should pay attention to the amount of national debt and be prepared for what is coming. Read more on “Next Major Leg DOWN for Dollar; UP for Resources” by Larry Edelson at Uncommon Wisdom.

The way Larry Edelson writes about the market makes me feel that he is just hiking it to sell his service. He writes it as an advertising pitch. He does not write it as an analysis. However, I do not see any misinformation in what he says or writes. And misinformation is common in a hike or an advertising pitch. So I am still taking him seriously.

Sometimes, it is hard to be sure someone who is not mentioned in mainstream media should be taken seriously. It is much easier to believe in someone who has been given credibility by mainstream media. But we should listen to everyone and use our own judgement to decide who is right and who is wrong. Otherwise, we can easily be fooled by mainstream media, which is controlled by certain people to serve their interests. Just because they have the money to be everywhere in your life does not mean that they have the truth and will tell you the truth.

More from Uncommon Wisdom: “Washington’s Secret War on the Dollar”.

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