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Stop Kennedy Smears

by on Mar.01, 2010, under Posts>Announcements>Events>Petitions

The script for the upcoming “The Kennedys” miniseries on The History Channel is right-wing character assassination, not “history.” Until The History Channel stops running politically motivated fiction as historical “fact,” I will refuse to watch their programming. Sign the petition to stop Kennedy smears.

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Pardon Qing Wu – Case Closed!

by on Jan.13, 2010, under Posts>Announcements>Events>Petitions

“Qing Wu, 29, has been a legal and permanent resident of New York City since settling here with his family from China at the age of 5. At 15, due to negative influences from ill-acquainted friends, he partook in committing certain wrongful acts (without grievous bodily injuries to persons). He took responsibility for these childhood mistakes by pleading guilty and served three years in correctional facilities. Quickly turning this hard-learned lesson into a strong work ethic and a self-promise to reform, Qing Wu exhibited exemplary behaviors and focused on studying while in detention. Upon release at the age of 18, he worked full time while going to school in the evenings to help support his family. For the past decade, he has continued to live up to that self promise by working hard, staying in school, building a respected career and securing a good job as Vice President of IT Operations. For all of his adult life, Qing Wu by any measurement has been a productive, law-abiding and tax-paying resident of this State. Now, as a result of his application for U.S. citizenship, the ICE ironically seeks to follow rigid federal immigration procedure and deport Qing Wu from his homeland and home state, all because of his regrettable acts as a misguided teenager and without regard to his contributions to society as a productive, conscientious adult. Qing Wu has been put in detention by the ICE, pending deportation.” – Sign the petition here.

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Reform America’s Broken Immigration System

by on Dec.08, 2009, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Immigration & Globalization>Immigration>Immigration Reform>Posts>Announcements>Events>Petitions

Reform America’s Broken Immigration System” is a petition sponsored by Reform Immigration FOR America.

Here are two good reasons to sign the petition. We have been urging the Chinese to open up their domestic market. It is time for us to open up our domestic market by allowing new immigrants to work here to earn wages to help expand our economy. Also, allowing new immigrants to work here will bring down the cost of living here and so will help us compete with China in terms of labor cost.

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Protect Against Toxic Chemicals

by on Oct.13, 2009, under Posts>Announcements>Events>Petitions

Toxic chemicals are by far the biggest problems in our lives. We have to endure all kinds of poisoning by toxic chemicals daily. I think it has become the most serious factor that reduces our life expectancy. It does not kill us immediately. But it reduces the number of years that we can spend on this planet. The most serious of it all is the toxins in our cleaning products and packaging materials, in the man made materials in our cars, subways, trains, etc., in our beauty salons, in our swimming pools, in our traffic, in our construction sites, etc., etc. I feel like we need to have a revolution just to get rid of all the toxic poisoning in our daily life.

Please sign this petition to make America a better place to live: Protect Against Toxic Chemicals.

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