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Afghan War

5 Fixes America Needs Right Now

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“The Greenland Norse lived on an island that was surrounded by fish … oceans of fish … but they refused to eat fish. Fish was taboo for the Greenland Norse. The winters got colder and colder, killing the crops and livestock in Greenland until the remaining Norse starved … even though fish were packed gill to gill off their shores.

There were other people in Greenland during those cold winters — the Inuit. They had no problem eating fish. They lived while the Norse died.” – from 5 Fixes America Needs Right Now by Sean Brodrick on

I think it is important for Americans to realize that things need to be changed.

I am listing this article under “Immigration Reform” because illegal immigration is mostly about unauthorized employments, which is one kind of underground economy. I don’t know why the author did not mention it.

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Time Is of the Essence – by Fritz Hollings

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Concerning the war in Afghanistan, the former Republican Senator said, “Force feeding democracy for eight years in Afghanistan, we are really trying to force a change in culture. When we are done and gone, President Karzai has got to live with the Afghans, and his antics against the United States are for survival. We ought to realize after eight years that we are creating more terrorism than democracy. The war in Afghanistan is not necessary.” This is a surprise to me. I thought that Republicans are all for wars.

Concerning the economy, he said, “But the CEOs of Corporate America are not interested in coming back from China and producing domestically for less profits. Wall Street, the big banks, Corporate America, and their entities, like the Business Roundtable and the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, will fight the President and Congress to keep their off-shored profits flowing. This business crowd furnishes the contributions for campaigns.” This is another surprise to me. I thought Republicans are pro business and so would side with “this business crowd”.

“President Obama can’t get by four years keeping the country AWOL in the trade war. He can’t keep the government on a credit card for $1 trillion a year. President Obama has met his Rubicon. Is he serious as a candidate for contributions or is he serious about being President of the country? Time is of the essence.”

Read more here: Time Is of the Essence by Sen. Fritz Hollings.

Maybe he represents a different kind of Republicans that are less beholden by special interests, even compared to Democrats.

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Afghanistan: In War, Winners can be Losers

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“The most obvious way in which military success can turn into defeat is by imposing vast human and material costs on the victor.”

“Furthermore, as the loser of a war often seeks revenge for its defeat, the military victor frequently finds that its troubles are only beginning.”

“In addition, war — whether victorious or not — frequently undermines democracy and civil liberties.”

“Moreover, military victory can easily lead to arrogance and aggression — a kind of imperialist hubris.”

“Even worse, people can easily transform a victory secured by larger, better-equipped armies into a victory for moral superiority… More striking yet is the fact that this kind of inflamed nationalist rhetoric was such a commonplace in U.S. political life that no one seemed to find anything strange about it.”

“Of course, a case can be made that it is better for a nation to win a war than to lose it. But perhaps it is time to learn from the world’s tragic, blood-stained history that there is a third alternative: using our intelligence and creativity to resolve conflicts without war.”

Read the complete article by Dr. Lawrence Wittner here: “Afghanistan: In War, Winners can be Losers“.

I think the last one is the most important one. By using military forces to achieve our goals, we are enforcing the believe that people are entitled to whatever they can get by force, which is the law of the jungles.

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This is absurd!

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I can’t believe that the American ruling class are so immature that they think that it is more important to kill the enemies in Afghanistan than to build Afghanistan so that there will not be enemies there. Read this article “Biden’s Standing In White House In Question After Afghan Decision” and you will see that from the Vice President down on, everybody thinks this way, and the President is listening to the Vice President in this regard. It is bad enough that they do not want to get out of Afghanistan yet. It is much worse that they do not know what to do to get out of there in the future.

How is it possible not to build Afghanistan so that there will not be more people who want to fight America in the future? Those fighters come from the ordinary Afghan people. As long as Afghanistan remains corrupt and poor, there will be an endless supply of those fighters. Are they prepared to kill all Afghans?

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Afghanistan: Obama Drops The Other Shoe

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“The entire process reeks with dishonesty — a double dishonesty. The White House deceived the country in advertising a root and branch critical analysis of the reasons for our engagement in Afghanistan that never took place. Also, the White House deceived itself in making believe that endless discussions over variations of the same strategy addressed core issues. All of the participants shared the same key assumptions that never have been questioned. Petraeus, Gates, Hillary, Jones, Biden, Holbrooke — and Obama — take as received wisdom four basic postulates: 1) the very existence of al-Qaeda’s remnants constitutes a grave threat to American security; 2) the Taliban’s agenda is fundamentally no different from al-Qaeda’s, so they must be eliminated as a force in Afghan politics as well; 3) both groups can be suppressed by generous applications of military power; 4) the huge risks and costs of trying to do so are eclipsed by a dire threat to the United States. All of these highly dubious postulates have never been frontally addressed and debated.”

“The country is ill served by a president who fails to meet his responsibility for the rigorous, open debate on matters of great consequence that he pledged and that is imperative for avoiding more dismal failure. What is the value of a 150 I.Q. when bereft of wisdom or conviction to guide it? Obama’s audacity in pursuing his ambition is one thing; political and intellectual courage is quite another.”

It is great that someone has been able to articulate this and Huffington Post has allowed this to be published on their website. Please read the full article “Afghanistan: Obama Drops The Other Shoe“.

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Don’t Do It – by David Galland

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This is from someone in the investment community, which is new. Most anti-war voices have come from the progressives, which are often dismissed as political or ideology driven. This one is completely based on practical reasons. Here is a quote from the article.

“This war, like so many others, opens the door for the government not only to rationalize the sort of fiscal irresponsibility just discussed, but also to exert more and more control over the populace, all in the name of “national security.””

“(And, should Obama opt for an escalation in Afghanistan, run, don’t walk, to the nearest gold window. Because there’s only one way to pay for the massive ongoing operational costs – and that’s inflation.)”

Read the full article “Don’t Do It” on

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Rep. Eric Massa’s call for an end to the war in Afghanistan

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Rep. Eric Massa’s speech on the floor of the House of Representatives…

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