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New York City’s Famous French Poodle

by on Sep.07, 2009, under Pets>Show Dogs

ButchHere is Butch, the famous French Poodle of New York City. He has been photographed by Bill Cunningham, the famous fashion photographer of the New York Times, and the photo was published on the New York Times.

He is from a show dog family with famous parents. He is especially affectionate to those who he likes. If he likes you, you can be overwhelmed by his show of affections sometimes. It is hard to calm him down when he is excited at seeing you. Also, he knows how to kiss your hand by biting gently at your hand. And he howls at strangers who he thinks may hurt you.

The only thing you may not like about him is that he howls at you when he is not happy about something that is being done to him. It can really destroy his image as a lovely pet when that happens. You will feel that he is very demanding and disrespectful of you or even dangerous to you, which is not what a lovely pet is supposed to be like.

Photo credit: Damaris Lopez

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