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Drug Abuse

The wrong approach to combating racism

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Calling racist people racists will never stop them from being racist. Racists do not reason or reason the way normal people do. And they are very strong-willed. The more they are called racists, the more stubbornly racist they become.

When you want to change them, you can not openly oppose them and make them feel that you are their enemy. So it is actually better that Donald Trump is soft on them, no matter it is because he is racist himself or because he does not want to offend them. Let’s be soft on Donald Trump as well. I used to think that Donald Trump should not be the President. But now I see why we need Donald Trump in the White House. This is the only way to decrease tension with a rather large part of the population. The racists who went to Charlottesville last weekend are not the only racists in the US. There are in fact a lot of racists in the US. That is why there is the Fox News channel.

Fighting racism should be similar to fighting terrorism and drug addiction. We have to find the root cause of the problem. We have to try to help people who embrace racism out. In fact, some racists do do drug and some do get violent.

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Michael Jackson’s “Drug Abuse” and the Pepsi Commercial Accident

by on Jul.17, 2009, under Posts>Opinions>Society>Drug Abuse

So much has been made out of Michael Jackson’s “drug abuse” and the Pepsi Commercial accident.

In fact, Michael Jackson’s addiction to drugs is not the usual kind. He did not use drugs to get high. He used drugs to get enough of sleep so he could work. He might have been stressed out over the lawsuits, rumors and accusations against him. He might also have been stressed out over financial problems. Although without all of these his life was probably already stressful enough.

As to the Pepsi Commercial accident, I guess it only got him to know the power of drugs. He could not have got hooked on drug forever just because of this one accident.

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