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Immigration Scams and Extortions

by on Jun.07, 2009, under Posts>Opinions>Politics>Immigration & Globalization>Immigration>Immigration Reform>Posts>Opinions>Society>Scams

Immigration is probably the biggest money making business in the world. People are willing to spend their life savings for a chance to live in a country of their dream. Because of this, you can find the most wicked scam artists and the most heartless extortionists in this business.

Because of the immigration restrictions in this country, this business is thriving more than ever. The more the government cracks down on illegal immigration, the more money there is to be made in this business.

Many people made the mistake of trying to maintain a legal status and fell prey to all kinds of immigration scams.

What is worse, after they have become victims of immigration scams, they have to pay immigration lawyers as much as or twice as much as they had paid immigration scam artists to clear their names.

It is much better if people just stay illegal and fight for changes in immigration laws so they can become legal, rather than to pay all these immigration scam artists and immigration lawyers to become legal.

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Professional Service Scams

by on Jun.07, 2009, under Posts>Opinions>Society>Scams

This has happened to me three times. Once for website evaluation. Once for business plan writing. Once for patent filing. In all cases, all I got was a copy of another website evaluation, or business plan, or patent, with the titles and some content being changed to mine.

These professionals or firms, one of whom claimed to be a lawyer, did not know how to do the work or did not want to spend the time to work on the project. So they just copied from another project and made some small changes.

Of course such service does not produce anything that has any value. At best, it is a waist of time and money. At worst, it can hurt your chances of getting something that you could get by doing it yourself or hiring qualified and responsible professionals. For example, in the case of patent filing, you may get your patent denied because of a lousy patent application. So be very careful in choosing who you hire.

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Employment Scams

by on Jun.07, 2009, under Posts>Opinions>Society>Scams

Looking for work depends so much on connections and luck that people are often willing to pay for employment scams. And those who want to scam often try this trick even on people who are not looking for work.

I once hired a business consultant to help me with my business. Instead of helping me with my business, he tried to get me interested in a high paying job which I was not looking for at the time. But I was willing to give it a try, not knowing that he was using that to get me to continue paying him for business consulting that he could not offer.

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