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Michael Jackson Fans AGAINST Peter King

by on Jul.06, 2009, under Organizations>Political Organizations>Political Action Committees

It is unbelievable that Peter King hates Michael Jackson so much that he has started to insult him even before he is buried. Some of Michael Jackson’s fans have set up a website “Michael Jackson Fans AGAINST Peter King” to raise money to defeat Peter King in his future campaigns for public offices.

Peter King seems to know neither music nor humanity. I don’t know how he can represent a whole district. What kind of a district is that?

His misinterpretation of Michael Jackson is, in a Chinese expression, “a small-minded person guessing a nobleman’s intention”.

By the way, Peter King happens to be most vocal in the opposition to the legalization of illegal immigrants. Is it just a coincidence?

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Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee

by on Jul.14, 2008, under Organizations>Political Organizations>Political Action Committees

I am not able to understand Lyndon LaRouche’s theories very well because I do not have the knowledge in economics to understand them. But I have gradually come to realize that what he has been saying about the global financial system is true. Here is the web site of Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

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