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by on Jun.08, 2008, under Businesses>Restaurants>Italian Restaurants

I have been to this restaurant so many times that I just have to write something about it, especially after I saw “Sex and the City” lead actress Sarah Jessica Parker having breakfast there. It is not one of those fine restaurants on a quiet block near her home. But it has had many high profile customers including Madonna.

I can never afford to dine there myself. The minimum you have to spend is $3.50 for a pot of green tea. I have always been invited there by one of my clients who has turned into my business partner. I always wish that she would give me that $3.50 for green tea so I can buy my favorite food – Halal food – on the street instead.

The food there is mostly very nutritious, but not always delicious, at least not to my taste. The waiters and waitresses there are surprisingly not young or attractive. But they are very mature and friendly. I guess this restaurant has a different criteria for choosing waiters and waitresses.

One thing I like about this restaurant is that they put vegetables on display before they use them in the kitchen. Another thing I like about this restaurant is that their restrooms are very nice and clean.

Here is their web site:

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